What You Should Leave Out Of Your Kid's Lunchbox, According To Dentists

Dentists have revealed which popular lunchbox items are actually bad for the teeth. Most parents want their kids to eat healthy lunches, but what they don’t usually take into account is the effect some foods have on their kids’ teeth. On top of that, they’re probably trying to find ways to get their kids to brush their teeth after eating.

The immediate answer we come up with is sugars because they do put your teeth at higher risk of developing cavities. No dentist has ever recommended eating a lot of sugar, especially processed sugars. Children usually get upset at the recommendation to cut their sugar intake, but it’s basically general knowledge that sugars aren’t great for your teeth. While it is true that they do a lot of damage, they’re not the only culprits.

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Dentists want parents to know that starchy, processed carbs do a lot more damage to the teeth than candy. Super starchy carbs tend to stick to the teeth, and if not removed, they form a sticky residue. This becomes an attractive food source for bacteria, and this will cause tooth decay. Popular lunch box items such as chips and pretzels are even worse than candy, according to dentists.

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Experts suggest packing more fibrous stuff in your kids’ lunch boxes. Food like carrots and celery help stimulate saliva, and this will help with cavity prevention. Saliva actually contains calcium, so it will help replenish the teeth’s calcium supply. Other than that, swishing plain water through the mouth after eating any food item will help a lot. This lessens the amount of sticky stuff that gets left on the teeth after enjoying a bag of chips.

With this new knowledge, dentists hope to encourage parents to be more mindful of the food they’re packing for their children. It’s hard enough that parents need to think of nutrition, and now their child’s oral health is also a factor to consider. It can be hard to encourage kids to eat what’s good for them, so getting into the habit of eating healthy at home may help their discipline when eating at school. Sugars and starchy carbs should be left as treats instead of daily meal components.

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