What Your BFF Wants To Know About Your Pregnancy

You are pregnant and ecstatic. You have passed the first six months, and now are adjusting to your new body. It's amazing to know that life is growing inside of you. It’s also pretty cool that you are the first of your female friends to be pregnant.

When your BFF announces at a party that she is pregnant as well. She wants to know everything and anything about being pregnant, but you don’t know where to begin to tell her about this incredible experience. So much has happened to you in the last six months. How can you narrow down the basics, so she can have an easy time of it? Here is a list of 15 tips you could give her.

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14 Your Body Rejects Foods You Love

Bye bye coffee, meat, and sugar. Hello salty cravings you can't induldge! Then again, for some women it is the complete opposite. All they crave is sugar and hate salt.

The important thing is to do your best to eat several balanced meals a day from the four food groups, and drink lots of water. Pace yourself, and listen to what your body is telling you. Eating healthy foods during pregnancy is mandatory. Contrary to what popular pregnancy lore has said, caffeine in small doses is ok as is sugar.

Make sure you are being monitored by your healthcare provider throughout. They will let you know what to increase or decrease, as the case may be.

Comfortable Clothes Needed Before Baby Bump

Though most women do not start “showing” until between their fourth to sixth months of pregnancy, they usually need to start thinking about purchasing comfortable maternity shirts, pants, and skirts in the early months. They will feel better and move better if they are comfortable.

Most stores offer reasonably priced maternity clothing with a lot of style, so as a Mommy to be you feel as good as you look!While it may be hard if you have to start wearing maternity clothing earlier than you thought, it doesn't mean that you can't look good! There are many maternity stores and companies that have fantastic and stylish maternity clothing.

13 You Get Clumsy

A lot of women who once wore high heels cannot manage it during pregnancy. The latter happened to me, so I speak from experience. It is quite common to have clumsiness or balance issues, as the center of gravity in our bodies’ shift. We have to get used to using different shoes and ways of walking or moving.

Take it easy, wear comfortable shoes with a slight heel or flat if this is is the case. Other things to do would be walking more slowly and deliberately until you get used to how your body feels and moves in space.

12 Resting and Sleeping

A lot of women benefit from mini naps throughout the day. When can you take them if you are working? Well, you can grab a few zzz’s on your lunch break, and set the timer on your cell phone to beep when it’s wake up time. Even a fifteen minute cat nap can help.

It’s also important to get enough rest at night. You’ll need a few more hours than prior to being pregnant, so do your best to try and get that sleep in. If you have issues, try using relaxation techniques like meditation to calm the body and mind, and light exercise during the day.

There's a lot of literature online on how to find good body pillows and get better sleep etiquette so you can finally get the best sleep you can in your pregnancy.

11 Nesting Instincts

It’s important to get ready for baby, but for most women in the first trimester, you are not feeling in tip top shape. Your body is still adjusting to housing another human being, so you commonly experience exhaustion and hormone fluctuations. This is normal, and in a healthy pregnancy will get better with time.

In the second trimester, a lot of women, on the other hand, feel like they can climb mountains. Energy levels pick up, and pregnant women can enjoy preparing and shopping for the baby room and supplies. Don’t know where to begin on your baby registry? There are lots of great sites with baby registries do and don'ts. Also, check with your Mom friends on what they find useful or not.

As for things to do during this more energetic time, have a look at what is going on in your body. If you feel up to painting, decorating, etc. go for it. If you'd rather have someone else do it or you feel tired after a little bit of work, trust your body once again.

10 Quality Time With Your Partner

Make sure that you and your partner enjoy quality time together. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Something like going out for dinner, a movie, or going out with friends. These are things that will temporarily be interrupted when baby arrives, and everyone adjusts to the new household schedule.

If you can, even going away together as a couple (check with your healthcare provider on the safe time frame to do this in), can help both parents to be recharged and reenergized for the little one that will soon be needing all your time. And sex is a great way to bond and stay close to each other, as long as you are not experiencing any major complications in your pregnancy.

9 Enjoy Being Pampered

Enjoy it when your partner, family and friends want to cook, take you out, and do fun things with you. Have a ladies pampering night with your girlfriends can remind you of self-care and enjoying your beautiful new body.

Rest now while you can, as it will only get more challenging to do so once the little one is born. You will need to ask those in your circle for help if you feel yourself tiring out, stressed or just need some 'you' time. It's great to remember and learn this before the little one arrives. You'll need to do some of this afterwards.

8 Pace Yourself in the First and Third Trimesters

It is important to always listen to your body, and do not hesitate to contact your health care practitioner if you have any questions about how you are feeling- for example, dizziness, weakness, shortness of breath, or any other symptoms like bleeding.

Make sure not to overdo it, and take mini breaks throughout the day if you are on your feet. Having small meals can help increase your energy, as can little power naps throughout the day. Even at this high energy peak, remember to alternate work and rest periods so you are at your best for you and baby.

7 Exercise

Exercise as much as you can, and depending on your health practitioner’s advice and your fitness level, you may even be able to continue a lot of the same activities with slight alterations.

Taking long walks outside is a great way to exercise if the gym does not appeal or is too difficult. A low impact aerobic workout or dance routine can also be fun. You can also do weights and work out with a personal trainer at a gym, specializing in prenatal and postnatal fitness. Choose wisely, and as with everything else, listen to your body.

6 Prenatal Yoga and Postnatal-Mom/Baby yoga

Yoga has long been proven to help deal with body/mind stress and handling difficult emotions. If your healthcare practitioner does not feel it is a problem, try out a good prenatal yoga class or you can purchase some great DVD’s that will help you grow and remain flexible in your new body.

While you are at it, pick up a post-natal yoga DVD or find out about Mom/Baby yoga classes. It’s a fun way to get back into shape after baby and meet other Moms too.

5 Be Selective in Reading About Pregnancy

It’s great to inform yourself about motherhood want to read good quality books and articles on the subjects. But as with everything in our information age, it is important to be selective of what we read and not to over read. Great baby and parenting books can usually be found by asking around to other Moms in the community who will tell you what was helpful to them.

The same goes with terrific online sites. A few good books for the early years of development that were recommended to me ? “What to Expect When You Are Expecting,” “The Sleep Whisperer,” “Dr Sears” books and as for websites, "Baby Gaga," “Baby Center,” “Parents.Com” and “Fit Pregnancy,” are just a few of the really good sites you could check out.

4 Eat Small Frequent Meals 

This is so important. Most women experience a lot of nausea as they try to stick to the three meals a day, with snacks in between system. A pregnant body  works differently as baby is pressing down on certain organs so digestion is affected sometimes.

With food requirements for you and growing baby, eating smaller frequent meals can  also help ward off the hunger that often comes if too long a period has elapsed without nourishment.

3 Pregnancy Aches and Pains

What is normal for one woman can be suspect for another. A lot of the aches, discomfort, less baby kicking, and even bleeding will prove that all is well in one woman or could signal a huge problem for Mom and baby in another. Whatever you do, ANY worry you have, consult your healthcare practitioner. They will be able to put your fears to rest, or tell you to come in to investigate further if they think there is a problem.

2 Take Prenatal Classes

This is a great idea particularly if it's baby number 1 or it’s been awhile since you’ve had a baby and this is your second one. The nurses will go over routine things and a lot of questions will be answered.

You will learn about the different options available for giving birth, where you could choose to have your baby, what happens during most stage of pregnancy and postpartum, and also importantly, you will get a chance to make other expecting Moms to be and form friendships. This is crucial for the postpartum period when you will have formed your circle to support and help one another.

1 Healthcare Provider Who’s on Board with Your Birth Plan

Having a baby does not have to be a huge complicated process. If you are having a low risk or standard pregnancy and are monitored, there is no reason why you can’t have a home birth with a doula and/or midwife present or give birth naturally anywhere you choose such as at a birthing center. You could also give birth at a hospital with alternative caregivers present.

There are many questions you can ask a medical practitioner so that you can make an informed decision. At that point, leave it in the hands of fate, and know that no matter how your baby comes into this world, it is a miracle.

These tips are basic guidelines to help answer your BFF's questions about your pregnancy. The most important support you will provide, no doubt, will be being there for her through the thick and thin of her pregnancy, and in celebrating the most beautiful fact of all for the both of you- that you will be bringing new life into the world.

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