When Did Mike And Maria Kanellis Learn That They Were Expecting Baby Number Two?

Even since WWE superstar Maria Kanellis announced that she and husband Mike are expecting their second child, fans and critics alike have been reeling from the rather shocking news. It's not that people don't want the wrestling power couple to grow their family. Rather, it's the timing of this life changing announcement that's raised a lot of people's ire and criticism.

As previously revealed, Mike and Maria recently signed a new WWE contract to ensure their employment with the massively popular wrestling promotion. Their contracts were for five years, and are each worth a reported $2.5 million. That equals to about $500 000 per year. Only after this was revealed did one of WWE's power couples reveal that baby number two was on the way. Because of the suspicious timing, people immediately accused the couple of only sticking about with WWE for another five years due to them expecting another baby.

via TWM Wrestling News

Despite what many people may believe, those accusations have now turned out to be baseless. Recent reports show that Mike and Maria signed their newest deals back in June of this year. When exactly in June was never revealed. As for the pregnancy itself, the couple only learned of it mere weeks ago. That would mean that they would've found out about baby number two in either late June or early July. The timing may seem sketchy, but it seems like the couple re-signed with WWE because they truly wanted to. It's also worth noting that WWE knew that Mike and Maria wanted to have another baby around the time they signed their new contracts.

As for Mike and Maria, the two of them seem genuinely happy about the news that they're expecting once again. Maria has already revealed her intentions to appear on television for as long as she can before going on maternity leave. She also plans to return to WWE once she's medically cleared after giving birth to the couple's second child.

This new baby on the way will accompany Mike and Maria's baby girl, Fredrica "Freddie" Moon Bennett. The couple welcome their first child back in April of 2018. This means that both their kids will be close in age, hopefully ensuring that they become close. Either way, our sincerest congratulations to the happy family!

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