When Is It The Best Time For You To Take A Pregnancy Test?

Whether you're trying to get pregnant or are being careful not to, there comes a point in time where taking a pregnancy test is necessary. It could be a happy moment or something you're dreading (although it's usually the result you mainly dread). No matter what, taking a pregnancy test is a nervewracking thing for most women to have to do.

But there's one question concerning this matter that you may or may not have thought of. That question is when should you take a pregnancy test? It's important to time this just right in order to ensure the most accurate result.

Unsurprisingly, most women tend to take a pregnancy test when they realize that they've missed their period. Yet experts say that that may not be the best idea. Instead, it's best to take a test either a week or two after you last had intercourse or ten days after your last period. That's because a vital pregnancy hormone called hCG takes time to be detected. It takes 7 to 12 days after the egg is fertilized and the implantation cycle has been completed. If you take a pregnancy test before that, it could lead to a false positive.

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As mentioned above, your hCG levels matter. But depending on the type of pregnancy test you take, you could get your results early on. That's because certain home pregnancy tests are particularly sensitive to this hormone. Therefore can detect hCG levels as early as four days prior to your period.

If you don't wish to take a home pregnancy test- or have taken a lot that turned out negative- a blood pregnancy test is another viable option. That's because blood pregnancy tests are known to be more sensitive and accurate, as well as check for your hCG levels in one's blood. It's also a better option if you've had a miscarriage, health risks and/or pregnancy complications. But like a home pregnancy test, you should take its blood equivalent several days late.

As for the best time of day to take a pregnancy test, that continues to be debated by health experts. However, it's generally agreed that the first thing in the morning is the best time to do so. That's because the first time you do to the bathroom is when there's the highest concentration of hCG hormones in the body. Also, don't drink too much water beforehand like you would for other urine tests. It dilutes urine, and that in turn can create a false positive. After all, what matters most is to get the most accurate result possible.

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