When Mama Is Hurt, Everyone Hurts

Gah! I'm sorry I wasn't able to get a post up yesterday, but I promise I had good reason. I woke up yesterday, minding my own business, doing my mom thing. Before the kiddos got up, I got myself around and started looking for a specific pair of shoes my husband wanted. I knew they were in a box in our basement, so I started digging around for them. Out of nowhere, I felt a slight twinge of pain in my left hand, surrounding my thumb. I groaned - just last week, my right thumb felt off for a day. Stretching it had helped, so I assumed this new pain would be the same, and I'd need to give it a good stretch.

Digging deeper into the box was a mistake. A sharp pain shot through the palm of my hand - so sharp I winced and drew it back. Ouch! I found the shoes, gave them to my husband, and let him know that my left hand was also acting up. Throughout the day, my left hand began to hurt more and more, even when I wasn't using it. I winced my way through fastening my kids in their car seats. I could barely drive - turning the steering wheel sent pains all the way up to my elbow.

It was so concerning that I ended up heading straight to the urgent care just after lunch. The doctor diagnosed me with a sprain and prescribed muscle relaxers. By that point, my arm was spasming - so maybe that was warranted, I don't know. What I do know is that the muscle relaxer knocked me on my butt. I passed out at 5 pm (within 45 minutes of taking it), and slept until 6 am.

That's all well and good, but my kiddos missed me. I missed them. My engorged boobs missed my nursing baby! I couldn't cook for them, I couldn't bathe them, brush their teeth, get them in their jammies. Today, my wrists and hands still hurt - not as sharply, but still concerning. I skipped the muscle relaxer since I can't function when I take them. It made me wonder - how do moms with chronic pain conditions or injuries cope? Do they hire help? Do they move in with their parents? How do they parent under this stress?

I am a grumpasaurus rex when I am in pain. Just ask my poor husband! But he can deal with it - he's an adult, he understands that I'm hurting. My kids? They don't. Running (or crawling) around with their usual vigor, still needing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a thousand snacks in between. Needing to be picked up, needing their mama to kiss their boo-boos. They need me to be in tip-top form all day, every day. Most of all, they don't deserve to deal with a cranky mom. It's absolutely not their fault that I'm hurting. When mama is hurting, the whole family hurts.

So here I am. Writing this by talk to text, and making my husband edit it for clarity. He's probably losing sleep over this. Which, of course, makes me feel a little bit guilty. But hey! What am I supposed to do? I can't type like this.



Have you ever been hurt while taking care of your kids? How did you manage? I need all the tips and tricks. @pi3sugarpi3 on Twitter. 



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