When Not To Get Pregnant Based On Mom's Zodiac

There are 12 Zodiac signs that all have their own set of characteristics. Believe it or not, some believe that astrological signs can give quite a bit of insight into a person’s future, personality and life. Knowing when to have a child can seem like a no-brainer, but it is not always that easy. The astrological signs can tell us when the best time is to get pregnant based on age and even month. Below we have compiled a list of the 12 zodiac signs and dug into what the worst times for each sign are to get pregnant. This list can help couples who are thinking about adding another baby into their lives by giving them ideas on what months, ages, and even times of year to avoid. We cannot tell you that ignoring this list will result in a miserable pregnancy and future, but for many, the zodiac has been very reliable. We know how stressful pregnancy can be and how even more stressful raising a child is. We have compiled this list to help mama’s take some stress off their future so that they and their family can have a happy future.

Is your zodiac sign accurate for your personality?

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12 Capricorn Moms

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If you are a Capricorn, you are probably passionate, intelligent, ambitious and thrive on structure. For a Capricorn, an unplanned pregnancy can cause a lot of stress. For a Capricorn, timing is everything, and they cannot have something thrown into the mix that messes with an upset in plans and schedules. If you are a Capricorn and want to know what kind of baby would be the best fit for you- it is best to have a water sign baby (Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer) or an Earth sign baby (Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.) A Capricorn mama would not mix as well with an Aries baby, for example, who is impatient, energetic, and spontaneous. Capricorns love the cold months, and it is best to experience pregnancy when it is cold to keep yourself happy. A Capricorn mama will be miserable in the summer months.

11 Aquarius Moms

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The Aquarius woman is patient, devoted, and caring. For an Aquarius mama, her early 30’s is a perfect time to have a baby. An Aquarius needs time to mature, and a child will help ground her more once she is older. An Aquarius has an inner child, and is a real sweetheart. It is best for a mama of this sign to avoid having a baby that is an earth sign. This clash in personality will be a big issue in those toddler and teenage years. The Aquarius mama will be the happiest laying on the beach while pregnant, so having a baby in the blistering cold months may be a bad idea. The Aquarius mom is all about marching to the beat of her own drum, and although she will make a wonderful mommy, she needs to get pregnant at just the right time.

10 Pisces Moms

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The worst time for a Pisces to be pregnant is during the summer months. They will spend those hot summer months being miserable. A Pisces will be much happier being pregnant in the winter and fall months. If a mama does end up going through pregnancy in the summer months, it should be in the very beginning of the pregnancy to not add to those 3rd trimester woes. The Pisces woman is passionate, overly emotional, and will be obsessive and nurturing mothers. They call the Pisces the old soul of the zodiac. With that being said, a Pisces woman will be miserable falling pregnant in her early 20’s. She needs her time to enjoy being young and to learn how to control those crazy emotions of hers. A Pisces mother will have the easiest job parenting other water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer( and the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.) Conceiving a child of another sign can lead to issues such as drama and bonding problems.

9 Aries Moms

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The Aries- stubborn, hot headed, a leader, energetic, restless, and loves adventure. This fire sign is a handful to say the least. The worst time for an Aries to fall pregnant is in her early 20’s. An Aries needs time to focus on themselves and figure out their life-which will make them a better parent in the future. This fire sign will do best in the hot dry heat during her pregnancy, so an Aries should not aim for fall or winter for the majority of her pregnant months. An Aries mama needs to avoid having kids that fall in the Earth and Water signs. These kiddos will be too ambitious and emotional for her to deal with. An Aries mama will be one that loves with all of her heart, but it has to be at the right time.

8 Taurus Moms

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The Taurus woman is a stubborn and dependent. The worst time for a mama of this sign to fall pregnant is any time after her early 20’s. A Taurus mama will thrive well when falling pregnant in her early 20’s due to her ambitious and practical personality. Fear not, having a baby at this age will not affect her parenting style. A Taurus mama will be the happiest when being pregnant during the rainy seasons. The dewy flowers and misty skies will make her super happy. That being said, it is best to not fall pregnant in the winter for this mama. A spring/summer pregnancy may be best due to the higher chance of rainfall. A Taurus will be the most compatible with an earth sign baby, so it is best for a Taurus mama to steer clear of conceiving a baby of any other sign due to lack of compatibility.

7 Gemini Moms

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The Gemini mama is a very down to earth, chill, playful, and free spirit. This air sign will do best having a kiddo at a younger age due to her playful personality. She knows how to handle a stressful situation well, so having a child at a younger age wouldn’t be a bad thing for her. The worst age for a mama of this sign to have a baby is any older than age 26. A Gemini mama can get along with pretty much anyone, but she needs to steer clear of having an Earth sign baby. This will lead to a lot of competitiveness between the signs which is a recipe for disaster. A Gemini was born to be a mother, with a heart of gold and so much to offer. A Gemini mama loves the wind and will do best being pregnant in the spring time and worst in the winter.

6 Cancer Moms

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A Cancer mama should avoid having a fire sign baby (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) as well as an Air sign (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius.) A Cancer is nurturing, a perfectionist,  and sensitive. A Cancer would not do well mothering an Air sign kid who are strong-willed and adventurous, or a Fire sign kid who are high energy, and destructive. A mama who is a Cancer will be the happiest in the humid and warm climate/months rather than the cold winter and fall. It would not be a good idea to spend the bulk of your pregnancy as a Cancer in the winter. A Cancer loves the idea of settling down and will find much more security in having children earlier in life. A Cancer will not be as happy waiting to have children until she is older.

5 Leo Moms

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The Leo mama has quite the personality on her. She is a fierce fire sign. We all know lions are known for their loud roar, right? She is energetic, a leader, a hard worker, super independent and she can be a little narcissistic. The worst time for a Leo to get pregnant is in a season that has a significant amount of rain. She does best in seasons that have hidden sun or an overcast. This can be a tricky request to grant for a Leo, so it may be best to fall pregnant in the fall. Being that a Leo loves her independence, she will do best having a kiddo after she gets on her feet financially. She thrives on being able to pay her own bills and spoil herself. She does not want to have to rely on anyone for anything. She would much rather get her life together before having kids. She will do best having a child in her late 20’s or early 30’s after she becomes settled in life. It is best for a Leo to not have an earth or water sign child due to the huge personality clash.

4 Virgo Moms

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The Virgo is demanding, nurturing, and extremely organized. Having a baby at just the right time will make a Virgo’s life go much better. She is a great planner and having a baby later in life is not a good idea for a Virgo. She can use her planning skills to set up her ideal life. Prolonging pregnancy can stress for this sign. A Virgo should not have babies that are Fire or Air signs. She will not be able to handle and deal with these high energy and powerful little personalities. In order for a Virgo to have a happy pregnancy, she should spend the bulk of her pregnancy in the winter, where she can enjoy the clear and crisp frost that she loves so much. It would be a terrible idea for a Virgo to have to deal with the blistering summer heat while pregnant. A Virgo has a more frantic personality and needs things to go right so she doesn’t lose it.

3 Libra Moms

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If you are a Libra, you romantic, loyal, and also very emotional. If you are a Libra, the good news for you is any age is a good age to get pregnant, as long as it's not too late in the game. Waiting too long can cause anxiety in the Libra. Libra’s biggest flaw is lack of balance in life, and they are unsure about a lot of things. There is no perfect season for a Libra to fall pregnant because she just cannot make up her mind. Sometimes she likes it too cold, or too hot, or just likes balance. It is hard to tell with this indecisive Earth sign. It is best for a Libra to have children that are fire and air signs and to steer away from the water or earth signs. Water signs can be too intense for a Libra. Libra’s are hard to figure out, but we do know that their indecisiveness can cause some confusion and mixed feelings about when to have kids.

2 Scorpio Moms

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The Scorpio mama loves hard, is faithful, becomes attached easily and is passionate. This water sign will be a fantastic mother due to her nurturing ability and desire to be close to her kids. A Scorpio should avoid having a baby who is a fire sign. Fire signs are free spirits, which does not go well with this water sign. A Scorpio will mother best when falling pregnant in her late 20’s, anything earlier and/or later could be a recipe for disaster. A Scorpio mama loves a bit of thunder and rain but loves the skies after the storm. A Scorpio mama will do best being pregnant in the spring and summer months. This sign is over-emotional and a bit bossy and falling pregnant at the wrong time in her life could become very stressful.

1 Sagittarius Moms

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The Sagittarius is free spirited, energetic, fun, positive and quite the wanderer. The Sagittarius mama may not always know where she is going in life. A Sagittarius mama may have a hard time figuring out her life plan. A Sagittarius mama need to be at an age and time in her life when she is able to think clearly about these big decisions. The worst time for a mama of this sign to fall pregnant is in her early or even mid 20’s. A Sagittarius mama will do best once she hits 30. She needs to be able to get her goals accomplished and out of the way first. A Sagittarius mama will be one happy preggo in the winter months. She will love the snow and hail while she is bundled up by the fireplace. A Sagittarius mama will not be a happy camper in the summer months, so it is best to steer clear of the heat. A Sagittarius mama should avoid having a kiddo that is an earth sign or a water sign.

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