14What Do The Movements Feel Like?

The first movements that occur between 13 and 16 weeks are called “quickening”. These movements are usually described as flutters or butterflies, most women in their first pregnancy are not able to distinguish them from stomach discomfort. Some women, often those who are of small stature or who are very

thin, may feel movement the soonest. If you don’t feel them, don’t panic, as many first time mothers do not feel the first movement until 16 to 20 weeks. Even if it is not your first pregnancy, remember that all women are different, and all pregnancies are different as well, some feel the baby sooner or later. There is no reason for concern as long as the movements are felt by 25 weeks. During the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, the movements of your baby will be more obvious and noticeable.

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