Whether Soon-To-Be Mom Will Have A Boy, Girl, Or Twins (Based On Her Horoscope)

What’s the first thing a woman wonders when she finds out that she is pregnant? Ask a hundred moms, and they might have one hundred slightly different answers. She might be thinking, “Wow, it’s finally happening for real!” Or she might be wondering, “Wow, is it really the right time?” On the other hand, some women see that positive pregnancy test result and immediately start guessing about whether or not they will have a boy, a girl, or perhaps even twins.

Every parent tries to figure out the gender of their future baby. And some of them even hope that they have twins! Although there is so much more to a child’s personality than their gender, it’s only natural for a parent to be a little curious. However, they cannot find out right away—they have to wait a while before there can take a test to confirm the answer for sure. But in the meantime, are there any clues that might give it away? While it is not an exact science, the a woman’s star sign might actually give her a hint. Here are the soon-to-be moms who will be having boys, girls, or twins, based on their astro signs.

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20 Fire Signs Definitely Want Boys


When a woman born under a fire sign finds out that she is pregnant, she knows for certain that she wants her baby to be a boy. For some reason, these women just daydream about raising sons. However, this is not to say that a fire sign woman would be unhappy to find out that she is actually having a girl. Not all fire sign women are destined to have sons, but some of them will! The others might be a little surprised to find out they will be raising daughters, but they will definitely love their children all the same.

19 Aries: She’ll Have A Son


There is just some quality about an Aries woman that makes her the perfect sign to raise a son. Perhaps it’s because she is so strong-willed and independent, and she has no problem laying down the law in her household if need be. Here’s the good news: Aries women will get their wish. She will find out that she is going to have a baby boy, and she will be over the moon when she hears that her wish is coming true. She already has a long list of baby boy names that she can choose from for her son!

18 Leo: She’ll Be A Mom Of Twins


Will a Leo woman be a little bit shocked and surprised when she hears the big news that she is going to have twins? Oh, of course—what mother-to-be wouldn’t be at least somewhat caught off guard? But the truth is that if there is any sign who can handle all of the extra responsibilities that come with having twins, it’s a Leo woman. She is so strong, and she can take on any challenge that comes her way. Raising two healthy, happy newborns at the same time with her partner? Bring it on, because she is ready.

17 Sagittarius: She’ll Have A Daughter


Yes, it’s true that Sagittarius women dream about having sons, just like most other women born under fire signs. But in their case, it’s just not meant to be. However, when a Sagittarius women hears that she is actually going to have a daughter, she will still be overjoyed. Her priorities will switch immediately. She won’t sit around regretting the fact that she isn’t going to have a son—instead, she will simply turn her positive outlooks towards dreaming of her new life with her daughter. At the end of the day, she is just ecstatic when thinking about motherhood.

16 Fire Signs Will Be Happy No Matter What


Do fire signs have a strong preference towards a certain gender for their future children? Yes, they do. But that doesn’t mean that they hold on to this preference when they find out that parenthood will be a little different than they originally planned! Nope, these signs may come across as stubborn at times, but when the moment calls for it, they can actually be quite flexible. These women are just happy that they are getting the chance to be mothers, and even if they do not have boys as they had initially hoped, that’s definitely not going to change.

15 Earth Signs Are Open To Any Possibility


Earth signs know that they personally cannot predict exactly whether they will have a daughter, a son, or twins—so honestly, they do their best not to get too attached to any particular possibility. Until they hear a confirmed answer from a doctor, they simply do their very best to stay open minded and not try to guess anything. While it’s true that the stars can have an influence on the gender of her baby, an earth sign mama isn’t going to think about it too much—she is just focusing on getting ready to be the best mom she can be.

14 Taurus: She Will Likely Have A Son


Taurus women are very likely to have sons. There is something about their grounded nature that invites a little more masculine energy. They know that they have to teach their sons to balance being stoic with accepting and processing their emotions in a healthy way. And more than any other sign, they are certainly up for the task. Taurus women are perfectly happy to have either a son or daughter, but when they find out that they are having sons, they seem to get into the right mindset that they need to guide him through the world. It’s magical to see.

13 Virgo: She’ll Have An Adorable Daughter


When a Virgo woman hears that she is going to have a daughter, her immediate reaction is just sheer happiness. In fact, Virgo women often don’t even find out the gender of their babies during pregnancy—they wait until they can finally meet their babies to find out! This is one of the few times in life that they like to be surprised—usually, they would rather have their plans and expectations all figured out. But in this scenario, a Virgo woman doesn’t put any certain expectations on her baby. When she hears, “It’s a girl!” it’s the start of a new chapter.

12 Capricorn: She Is Going To Have Twins


Remember how we mentioned that Leo women seem to be uniquely suited to the task of raising twins? Well, there is only one sign that actually might give them a run for their money. Capricorn women can take on any difficult task and prove to the world that they are capable of doing basically anything they set their minds to. If there is any woman on earth who can hear that she is having twins and take in that major news without even blinking an eye, it’s a Capricorn woman. She is totally ready to grow her family by two.

11 Earth Signs Are Just Happy To Be Parents


Why don’t earth signs get too worked up about the genders of their babies? Well, it's because at the end of the day, these women are just excited to be parents. They don’t want to get a certain idea in their heads of what their kids will be like before they are even born. They don’t want to attach any stereotypes to them or decide that what kind of personality traits they will have. They just are open to anything that happens, and they are ready to embrace everything that the journey of motherhood sends their way, no matter what.

10 Air Signs Don’t Have A Preference


Just like earth signs, air signs don’t really have preference when it comes to having either daughters or sons. They are pretty open minded, and they just kind of go with the flow when it comes to the entire process of pregnancy. Women born under air signs don’t really care if they have daughters or sons—they are totally open to either possibility. And if they find out that they’re having twin girls, twin boys, or fraternal twins? Well, they are perfectly happy to hear that news, too! They just approach motherhood with a very flexible attitude and open expectations.

9 Gemini: Twins Are In Her Future


A Gemini woman would never expect to hear that she is actually having twins, but when her doctor tells her that she is going to be expecting not one, but two little bundles of joy, she will be pretty surprised! Yes, her jaw will drop when she finds out that she is having twins, but she will quickly come around and see all the positives of the whole situation: her kids will have an instant best friend, and they will have someone who understands them inside and out. She knows it will be a lot of work, but she’s ready.

8 Libra: She Will Welcome A Baby Girl


When a Libra woman finds out that she is going to be welcoming a baby girl to the world, she will be grinning from ear to ear. Yes, it’s true that Libra women don’t necessarily have a preference for daughters, but they are super feminine, so they get excited at the thought of playing dress up with her! They immediately start to get ready by decorating the nursery with all things pink, and they start thinking of all the gorgeous names that they might want to use. Expect her to give her baby girl a super feminine name that sounds beautiful!

7 Aquarius: She Has A Baby Boy On The Way


Aquarius women are pretty much destined to have sons, and when an Aquarius woman hears that she had better start getting ready for her baby boy, she will be filled with joy. While it’s true that like the other air signs, they don’t really have a preference, they do often catch themselves daydreaming about what it would be like to have a son. And yes, they can’t help themselves—they will find themselves picking up adorable blue decorations for the nursery. They totally embrace their new role, and they just can’t wait to finally bring their baby boy home from the hospital.

6 Air Signs Are Just Excited To Find Out The Gender


Air signs may not say whether or not they want a boy, a girl, or twins, but one thing is for sure—they do get excited to find out the gender! Unlike earth signs, they aren’t necessarily looking to be surprised. They are really just excited to learn a little bit more about their babies. These women are so happy that they get the chance to live out their dreams of being amazing moms. Whether they welcome a daughter or a son, they know that their job is to do the best they can to guide them through life with wisdom.

5 Water Signs Will Want Daughters


Water signs, as a general rule, tend to be very in touch with their feminine side—yes, this even applies to the men! These signs are well known for being sensitive and emotional, and parenthood feels like a massive undertaking for them—they know that as rather introverted women, they are going to have to give up a lot of their space and alone time. Women who are born under water signs feel that they would be better suited to parenting daughters, but some of them will be in for a surprise when they actually end up having adorable sons!

4 Cancer: She’ll Have A Beautiful Baby Girl


Out of all the signs, Cancer women seem to be the most in touch with their femininity—in fact, they are probably more likely than any other sign to want to be a stay at home mom rather than thinking about going back to work. It’s only natural that they would dream about having a daughter—and they are likely to get their wish. Cancer women just seem like they are destined to have baby girls, and when they find out, they will feel like they are finally fulfilling the vision that they have always wanted for their life.

3 Scorpio: She’s Going To Have A Boy


Yes, a Scorpio woman is pretty likely to be dead set on wanting a daughter—but surprise surprise, she will find out that she is actually going to have a baby boy! Yes, it will come as a bit of a shock to her—when she finds out that she is pregnant, she will pretty much feel convinced right away that she is going to have a baby girl. However, when she finds out that she is actually going to have a baby boy, she will still feel so much love in her heart for her child—that’s what it’s all about.

2 Pisces: She Is Destined To Have A Daughter


Pisces women dream about having daughters—it’s something that they think about a lot even before they get pregnant. So when a Pisces women finds out that yes, she is finally going to have a baby girl, you can just imagine the kind of excitement and happiness that she feels. She probably already has some girly items picked out for the nursery, even before she officially hears the news! That’s just how excited she already is—she just knows that a baby girl is in her future, she is feels so certain that she gets ready before it is confirmed.

1 Water Signs Can Be Open Minded About Gender


Yes, it’s absolutely true that women born under water signs daydream about having daughters of their own one day. But in the end, they understand that parenthood is all about going into the unknown and letting go of expectations. They know that although they are so intuitive that sometimes it can come across as psychic to other people, they cannot truly predict the future, and they have to be open to whatever comes their way. As mothers, they will be so loving towards their children, whether they have boys or girls—they truly just want to have happy, healthy babies.

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