Which Physical Trait The Baby Will Get From Mom Based On Her Zodiac

People are well aware of the personality traits, both positive and negative that they will end up with based on their sun signs. However, it is important to note that the sun sign only makes up a fraction of what you are all about. You also have your Moon sign, which rules your emotional response to stimuli, and your rising sign that creates your mask- which means how others see you and how you view others. Those factors make up a large portion of your personal horoscope.

That is why, for example, that some Leos are truly dramatic and love being the center of the universe by sharing selfies that are fitting for their sun sign- and others like myself who are just a little dramatic (okay, well maybe I am moderately dramatic at times) but absolutely have a need to stay behind the scenes for the most part anyway. The sun sign only makes up a small part of who you are, personality wise anyway.

However, many people may not realize that your physical traits can be a result of your sun sign as well, on top of genetics. I personally believe genetics plays more of a role. But say if your sun sign did have an influence on how you physically turned out, imagine how that could also have an impact on what kind of traits your kids would inherit from you. That, in conjunction with how their own sun signs could influence their appearance. Let's now find out what physical traits the baby will get from mom based on her zodiac.

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12 Gemini Moms - Those Standout, Shiny Eyes

Those who have a sun in Gemini are known to be curious, talkative, full of ideas but at the same time are poor listeners and can blow hot and cold. Therefore, moms who have Gemini suns can be excellent multitaskers but are also known to not listen to their kids- which can definitely become problematic.

Those who have a sun in Gemini are known to be tall and have shiny eyes. Even if their eyes are brown, they stand out beautifully. If they have blue, green or hazel eyes, they can look quite remarkable. They also have a very expressive face quite often. Not to mention, they constantly give the impression that they are full of energy, even while resting.

Therefore, the trait that kids can most definitely get from their Gemini moms is their beautiful and remarkable eyes. That certainly is a trait they can thank their moms for too, because who can ignore enticing and beautiful eyes regardless of the color?

11 Libra Moms - The Cute Dimpled Cheeks

Those who have a sun in Libra are known to be fair, balanced, have a love for beauty and can be indecisive and non-confrontational. Moms that have Libra suns will most definitely enjoy dressing her kids up but may have difficulty with making important decisions.

Those who have their suns in Libra usually have a medium build and can be of average height to being tall. Their faces are heart-shaped or oval, and they have pleasant features. However, the downside is that they have a tendency to put on weight as they age. Their voices are soft and pleasant. Libras are also known to have dimpled cheeks which makes them quite cute.

Therefore, kids born to Libra moms will probably inherit those dimpled cheeks which will make them incredibly cute! And they will most certainly become eye candy as they become older. They can thank their moms for inheriting such a cute trait!

10 Capricorn Moms - The Pin Straight Hair

Those who have a sun in Capricorn are known to be serious, hard-working, and business oriented. However, they can be too rigid and don’t see the need for fun. Therefore, Capricorn moms will make sure their kids are on a set routine and are getting their homework done. However, they will not be keen on them having some fun as well, which they need! Kids need to balance fun with work.

Those who have a sun in Capricorn are known to be short or at most be of average height. They may even have eyes that have a serious look, as well as having teeth that are noticeable. Either they are straight, crooked or have gold. Their hair is also known to be straight.

That means that kids who are born to Capricorn moms will most likely end up with very straight hair. They may either like it because it may be easy to manage or hate it because it may be boring! Especially for girls.

9 Virgo Moms - Those Youthful Genes

Those who have a sun in Virgo are known to be analytical, health and service oriented but at the same time obsessive about health as well. Moms that have Virgo suns can be neat and health freaks but will most definitely flip out whenever their kids forget to wash their hands before they take their snacks!

Those who have their suns in Virgo can be tall and slender due to the fact that they are known to be so health conscious and probably keep a close eye on the number of calories that they consume. They are also likely to work out a lot too. However, they also are known to maintain a youthful look, even as they age.

That means that kids born to Virgo moms may be lucky to have gotten that trait because nothing feels better than being in your 40’s being told that you look like you are 29- from those who actually mean it! They won’t like that when they are older teenagers, especially if they are trying to get into bars and don’t have a fake ID. But once they reach an age where looking young is a great thing, they will be appreciative.

8 Sagittarius Moms - That Infectious Smile

Those who have a sun in Sagittarius are known to be optimistic, passionate, adventurous, have a love for traveling, but at the same time, they don’t like to be held back by responsibility. Therefore, moms who have their suns in Sagittarius will be the type to take their kids on different adventures. However, they also are not the best at creating a routine for their kids and sticking to them.

Those who have suns in Sagittarius are known to be strong physically and can be quite tall. They have a tendency to be a bit clumsy but do laugh about it. They also have a great smile, because there is always something to be happy about no matter what. Therefore, that bold smile is most definitely what makes any Sagittarian stand out.

Kids born to Sagittarian moms will most definitely end up with that big smile, which may either melt many hearts or annoy people! It depends on who they encounter, and when.

7 Leo Moms - A Powerful, Muscular Physique


Those who have a sun in Leo can be quite creative, playful but also can be dramatic and egotistical. Therefore, moms who have their suns in Leo, or they should be called lionesses have a fun time playing with their kids but may have a tendency to make their kids feel like they are the center of the universe (guilty). There can be consequences to that, which I am well aware of.

Those who have a sun in Leo are known to be muscular and strong and have broad shoulders. This is actually quite interesting considering I have a sun in Leo. The only thing is wrong is that those who have Leo suns are also known to have thick hair, but I don’t (but my kids do!). That may have more to do with the fact that I have polycystic ovarian syndrome which causes thinning hair.

Kids who are born to lionesses can most definitely pass their muscular physique and my daughter, in particular, is muscular and is quite strong. She was able to lift her head before she was 1 month old! So there it is. Lionesses are meant to have muscular and strong kids.

6 Cancer Moms - That Cute, Round-Shaped Face

Those who have a sun in Cancer are known to be quite emotional and nurturing. However, their emotions can be quite hard to take at times because it can overwhelm others. Moms who have their suns in Cancer will most definitely have strong maternal instincts but can become quite emotional at the drop of a hat- which can even be overwhelming for their kids.

Those who have a sun in Cancer are also known to have round-like faces, probably because the Moon rules Cancer. They are known to have cheeks that are soft and are high up. And because Cancer rules the stomach area, it can cause it to show easily. The double-whammy there is that many Cancerians have a sweet tooth, and if they give into it too much- it won’t be a good thing considering the stomach area is prominent. On the flipside, if they have been working out, then that will show too!

Kids who are born to Cancerian moms will likely inherit the round-like faces from their moms which they may either love or hate. It depends on the kind of hair they have, and girls can always play around with different hairstyles that work well with the face.

5 Aries Mom - That Strong, Rugged Appearance

Those who have a sun in Aries are known to be fierce, strong, great initiators and can be quite impatient. Moms who have their sun in Aries can be great advocates for their kids even if they are not always patient with them- and kids need patience. And lots of it!

Those who also have a sun in Aries are known to have a strong and rugged appearance, with a strong bone structure. This is a great trait because this means they are usually able to stand with great posture. Their eyes, nose, and chin are quite prominent as well, considering that Aries rules the face.

It will not be a shock that kids that are born to Arian moms will likely inherit the strong and rugged appearance as well, with a firm bone structure. This is a good trait to have because this can help them literally stand firm and with confidence.

4 Taurus Moms - A Full Set Of Lips

Those who have a sun in Taurus are known to be stable, loyal, have a love for material and food, and can be incredibly stubborn. Therefore moms who have a sun in Aries will have an easy time keeping their kids on a set routine. However, they will struggle with letting go as their kids are maturing and evolving. That is tough since kids are always growing!

Those who have a sun in Taurus are also known to have a well-balanced face, with full and sensual lips. They also have nice and thick hair, with a neck that stands out in some way. Their jaws, necks, and shoulders are also strong.

Therefore, kids that are born to Taurean moms will likely inherit those thick, sensual lips which are most definitely an appealing trait- especially for girls! They may also inherit the thick hair, strong jaw, neck and shoulders. They can thank their moms for that.

3 Scorpio Moms - Those Piercing Eyes

Those who have Scorpio suns are known to be passionate, intense, secretive, and can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. That will always be up to you. You can bet that Scorpio moms will make sure that their kids will be getting the best of everything, especially when it comes to their education. And if they find out that your kid has been bullying their kids, watch out! Yet, at the same time, if their kids are caught in lies, these moms will punish them in nasty ways. For example, they will let them have their smartphones but will take away the charger! Yikes.

Those who have their suns in Scorpio are all about intensity. That means that their eyes are naturally piercing. They also have prominent cheekbones and noses, with well-defined features such as having sensual lips.

That means kids born to Scorpio moms will end up inheriting those piercing eyes. That can be either intriguing or intimidating. But really, it is a good thing because those eyes will send a message across that screams don’t mess with me.

2 Aquarius Moms - The Broad Shoulders

Those who have a sun in Aquarius are known to be friendly and heavily into charities, and eccentric. However, they also march to their own drummer and can be aloof and even condescending at times. Aquarian moms will encourage their kids to get involved with charities and to embrace their uniqueness. However, they may also not always take their kids seriously either.

Aquarians are known to have bright and shiny eyes, like Geminis, as well as straight hair like Capricorns that is also thick. Their foreheads are known to be high, and they also have broad shoulders.

That means that kids that are born to Aquarian moms will likely inherit those broad shoulders. For boys, that can be a good thing but for girls not so much. But think of it this way. Broad shoulders is certainly a sign of strength. If girls who have this trait are taught to look at it from that perspective, they will likely embrace their shoulders!

1 Pisces Moms - Any Physical Trait And Intuitive Abilities

Those who have a sun in Pisces are known to be emotional, caring, selfless, psychic and intuitive. They also are known to be dreamy, irrational and may not be in touch with reality. Therefore, moms who have their suns in Pisces will most definitely put their needs last and make sure their kids’ needs are met first. However, they can get into trouble by placing unrealistic expectations on their kids because of the nature of their sign.

Those who have their sun in Pisces don’t really have any prominent traits. Therefore, they can be a mixture of all of the other signs. It has to do with the vagueness of the sign itself. That said, Pisces moms can pass down any trait, which may be those striking eyes, sensual lips, broad shoulders, thick and straight hair, and so on to their kids.

However, one thing that kids may inherit from their Piscean moms is that strong intuitive ability. That is a great trait for anyone to not only have but to develop.

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