10 Whimsical Names Inspired By Fairy Tales

It’s so exciting for new parents to pick out a name for their baby and inspiration can be found in the most unlikely places. Why not look to traditional fairy tales and draw from a magical group of names? These aren’t average monikers that you hear every day but are mystical options that will charm all who meet your little one.

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From characters found in classic folklore to more modern-day stories, these titles have a literary bent that will attract book lovers and storytellers alike. Please enjoy this list of 10 whimsical names inspired by fairy tales.

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10 Ella

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Parents who love a good fairy tale but want to give their daughter a more common name for their newborn might be enchanted by the name Ella. This one is the perfect diminutive of Cinderalla and is just too charming to pass up.

Ella is of English origin and means fairy maiden. Distinctive, feminine, and sweet, a little girl with this moniker will have all of her dreams come true. It entered the charts in the 1800s but didn’t see much action until it spiked in popularity in 2010. Ella has held her own ever since and is just waiting to be claimed.

9 Gus

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While we’re on the subject of Cinderella, an adorable name for a little boy would be Gus. Inspired by the chubby mouse in the classic fairy tale, this one is so stinkin’ cute. We love it because it’s a one-syllable name which is totally on-trend right now.

Gus is a Latin name and it means great, magnificent. It’s a shortened version of the formal name, Augustus. You won’t find this one on any popularity lists but that just means that your son would be one-of-a-kind. This one is undeniably delightful so be sure to snatch it up before your friends do.

8 Briar

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If you’re a fan of the fairytale Sleeping Beauty then you will be taken by the name Briar for your little girl. This one feels so sassy and also gets points for being a name inspired by nature, which is trending for the moment. It also has a bit of an edge to it.

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Briar is an English name and means thorny patch. It found a place on the charts in the 1970s and held steady as an uncommon name until it saw a huge spike in 2017. It’s still on the rise, so we suggest you put Briar on your shortlist.

7 Cleo

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Cleo was the name of the Geppetto's pet goldfish in the fairytale, Pinnochio. We think that this one would be a super cute name for either a boy or a girl. It's also a gender neutral name.

It’s an obscure reference but true fan of the genre will fall in love with the name Cleo. This is an English moniker that means glory. It was very popular in the 1920s but has fallen out of favor over the decades. We think that it could see a resurgence and find its way back on the charts.

6 Marian

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A dainty name for a little girl would be to name her after Maid Marian from the folklore, Robin Hood. She was the romantic interest of Robin Hood and we think that Marian is a name that it is totally underused. It has an “old-lady cool” vibe that is just lovely.

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Marian is a French name that means bitter. Don’t let the meaning influence you, though. This moniker has a sweet ring to it that demands attention. It rose in popularity in the 1920s and is poised to make a triumphant return. This one is classic but you don’t hear it every day.

5 Jack

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Looking for a simple name for your little boy that invokes magic? Look no further than the moniker, Jack. This one has a traditional sensibility to it that has some serious staying power. Inspired by the story, Jack and the Beanstalk, it’s an English name that is a variation of the title John.

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It may seem plain but it entered the charts in the 1880s and has held a steady pace over the decades. This one has a traditional sensibility to it that has some serious staying power. Friendly, happy, and light, Jack is one of those names that makes everyone smile.

4 Snow

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Snow is one of those names that is pure magic. Fans of the classic tale Snow White will be taken by this option. This is one of those rare monikers that just sounds fresh and original. It gets points for being a name inspired by nature, which is very current.

It’s an English name that found fame as one of the main characters on the television series, Once Upon a Time. This is certainly one that you won't hear being called out on the playground very often. It’s unique enough to make your daughter stand out without being too weird.

3 Puck

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Puck is one of those names that is distinctive and cute all at once. Inspired by the mischevious character from William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Nights Dream, this one will attract literary-minded parents. It’s a playful moniker that isn’t very common.

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Your son will have a zest for life with a name like Puck. Forget about picking a common name and bestow this original moniker one upon your little guy. He’ll love having such a unique name and will thank you for choosing it.

2 Anastasia

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Looking for a sophisticated name for your daughter? Anastasia is beautiful and inspired by the mystical fairy tale of the same name. We love how substantial this one is and know that it would suit a charming little girl. Everyone will admire your daughter’s name if you choose this one.

Anastasia in a Greek name that means "resurrection." It hasn’t gained much traction on the charts but it did see a slight spike in the 1990s. Stay ahead of the trends and give your daughter a name that has been overlooked. Refined, elegant, and alluring, Anastasia is ripe for the picking.

1 Grimm


Grimm is one of those names that just sounds dark and mysterious. Taken from the book, Grimms’ Fairytales, this one would be a true tribute to the genre and only hardcore fans would be attracted to it. We think that Grimm is so unusual that it crosses over into being cool, which is a rare find.

Why pick a conventional name when you can bestow an odd option for your little guy? He’ll have an eye for the macabre and stand out in a field all his own. Literary, gothic, and obscure, Grimm isn’t a name that you hear very often.

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