Whisper Confessions: 15 Moms Who Knew The Marriage Wouldn't Last

Marriage is considered the most important step a couple can take in their relationship. It is a step of devotion and commitment. Dreams are built upon this commitment, with the future bright ahead. Ideally, the timeline for a couple would be to get married, have a baby, and then spend the rest of their lives together. Yet, this romantic, storybook ending may not always pan out the way a couple originally intended.

A marriage is more than a one-time ceremony. It is a commitment that will be tested and if not handled correctly, may come to an end. And, more often than not, it is the woman who is the first to recognize a failing relationship. Some women will publicly admit their marriage is over, others will deny their marriage is failing, and some will do so anonymously. The popular website and application Whisper provides an avenue through which wives can open up about their unsatisfied marriages. The content is not only scathing, it is rich in honesty and heartbreak. Women confess their fears, and in doing so, provide a familiar resource for others who fear their marriages will not last. These are the top 15 Whisper Confessions from women who knew their marriage would not last.

15 Over Just Like That

Whenever a marriage ends, it is not unexpected for one or both people in the marriage to realize it is over, sometimes long before it actually is. A marriage does not end overnight, but it is a reality either one or both people in the marriage feel before it’s over. It can take time for a marriage to no longer work. However, it does not always take a while for someone to realize the marriage will not last.

That is one of the things that makes this woman’s Whisper Confession so sad. It only took this wife two weeks to go from feeling disconnected from her partner to deciding the marriage was over. Obviously, this was a huge shock to her husband of 10 years and husband to her four children. But odds are this woman has been feeling discontent for some time. It's unlikely she's throwing away a 10 year marriage in just two weeks. She must have been feeling unfulfilled for a while but only decide to speak up recently, making it appear sudden for her husband. 

14 Divorce Strikes Again

One of the most important pieces of data we can provide is how common divorce is in our society. In fact, by most accounts, at least half of the marriages in the United States will end in divorce. So, it stands to reason that whenever a couple gets married, odds are high that at least one of them comes from parents who are divorced. The problem is history tends to repeat itself.

In this Whisper Confession, the woman mentions how she comes from parents who are divorced. She fears that her future marriage will not last either. It may seem like she is overreacting, but people often model the behavior set by their parents. Her fear is a sound one. However, it is never a good idea to go into a marriage thinking it will not last. That can often be something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

13 Getting Ready For Divorce Already

When a marriage is about to end, it does not do so out of the blue. Like many things in life, a failing marriage often leaves signs ahead of it. Sometimes, neither member of the couple may pick up on these signs, no matter how obvious they may be. However, sometimes someone does pick up on these signs and realizes the marriage might not last.

That seems to be the case with this Whisper Confession. It deals with a woman who has come to realize that her marriage will probably not last. Of course, she does not come to this conclusion on her own. She realized it after reading about signs of divorce written by divorce lawyers and compared it to her own marriage. Her marriage mirrored several of the signs. Now, she is convinced her marriage is over. I wonder what would have happened if she read a book about happy and successful marriages? It's easy to see signs when you've just read about them, whether they be signs of success or failure. 

12 Scared It Won't Last

Ideally, a marriage will last a lifetime. Afterall, it is in traditional wedding vows that couples will have each other “to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” Unfortunately, few things in life are ideal. The harsh reality is, some couples get divorced after no time at all.

It seems this is the case for the woman in this next Whisper Confession. She admits she’s only been married for two years, yet is already terrified her marriage will not last. She does not state why she feels like her marriage won’t last after a short amount of time, only that she fears it won’t. We can only assume things are not going well if she thinks it is already over before its started. Maybe her marriage is just going through the terrible twos? 

11 Married Young & Fearful

One of the great advantages of modern medical science is that it has enabled people to live longer than ever before. Nowadays, people can live to be over one hundred years old. This means no one has to rush into marriage at a young age. With the ability to live longer and have children later, people are able to get married later in life.

Of course, not everyone chooses to get married later in life. Some people get married while they are still pretty young. The woman in the next Whisper Confession is a good example of this. She and her husband got married at a young age. Sadly, this has caused her to wonder if that means her marriage will not last. Making matters worse, is her friends telling her that her relationship will not last. This type of negative reassurance will only hurt the marriage further.

10 Depends On The Baby

When a couple gets married, the decision to have children often does not fall too far behind. Of course, one reason a married couple has a baby is in an attempt to try and save their marriage. This tactic usually does not work too well. Children can sometimes hurt a marriage, although unintentionally.

This is clearly the case in this next Whisper Confession where a woman talks about her marriage not lasting if her baby is a boy. This is one of the more cryptic Whisper Confessions, since she does not say why a baby boy would ruin her marriage. She also mentions giving the baby up for adoption, because if she kept the baby she would end up a bitter single mother. There seems to be a lot going on behind this Whisper Confession that she doesn't really get into. But whatever is happening, it sounds like a pretty awful situation. 

9 Struggling With Intimacy

It goes without saying that one of the most important parts of marriage is intimacy. Historically, there was a time when a marriage was not considered official until the couple consummated it with sex. Sexual intimacy is a natural part of what keeps a marriage together. If that intimacy starts to suffer, it can harm the marriage.

In the next Whisper Confession a woman talks about how her intimacy with her husband is suffering and awkward. She talks about having an awkward moment with her husband, and how it should not be so hard to be intimate with each other. She then comes to the conclusion that her marriage probably will not last. The sad part is that she is probably right. It is hard to imagine a marriage lasting too long if intimacy between a couple is awkward. Hopefully they're able to get over any awkwardness and talk through their intimacy issues. 

8 Do Opposites Attract?

There is a very old saying that opposites attract. That may be an interesting romantic notion, but for the most part, it is not true. Most people that end up getting together and actually staying together are far more alike than they are different. Sure, people who are different, even radically so, can become a successful couple. Yet, the odds may be stacked against them.

Naturally, this goes for marriages as well. A married couple that is very different from each other probably will not last. That seems to become evident to the woman in the next Whisper Confession. She realizes that she and her husband are two very different people, and eventually it may cause a long-term set of issues. Friends and family tell her the marriage will not last, and she’s starting to fear they may be right.

7 Too Young For Love

It has already been explained that some couples get married when they are very young despite pushback from family and friends. They have not yet lived a great part of their life. By getting married so young, they may be throwing a big portion of their life away, because once a person is married, everything changes and will never be the same again. However, not everyone considers this advice and moves on with their nuptial plans.

The woman in the next Whisper Confession seems to be all too aware of this. The woman worries about whether or not she should get married to her current boyfriend. She is the first girlfriend he has ever had and fears that by getting married to her, he may eventually resent their relationship. A fear that, unfortunately, could become a harsh reality later in their marriage. Hopefully this couple is able to talk through all of their fears and concerns before tying the knot. 

6 Watch The Company You Keep

When a couple decides to get married, they become the most important people in each other’s life. That being said, they are not going to be the only people in their lives. Naturally, a couple will have friends outside of their relationship. They may even have friends of the opposite gender. This is far from a crime, but it may lead to future problems in their relationship.

That seems to be the case for this newly engaged woman in this Whisper Confession. She admits that her fiance has been spending more time with other girls than he is has with her for over a year now. This has caused her to believe her soon to be marriage will not last for long. If she is already having doubts about the marriage, then that certainly is not a good sign of things to come. It's time for her to express her concerns and figure out a solution before she puts on the wedding dress. 

5 Family Issues...

The thing about marriage is that when two people get married, they not only marry that person, they marry that person’s family. If the family is supportive, this can be beneficial to the long-term success of the marriage. However, a couple’s family can also harm a marriage. That seems to be the case for the woman in the next Whisper Confession.

The real issue is that she and her husband are not seeming to connect anymore. That is a pretty big deal in and of itself. However, she goes on to say his family is not making things any easier. She does not give any explanation as to what she means by this, but it is safe to assume it’s nothing good. It’s a sad situation when family becomes the root cause of a marriage's rocky foundation. And it's even worse when you're not connecting with your partner so you can't explain your issues with their family to them. 

4 He Just Refuses

As mentioned earlier, sex is important in a marriage. However, that does not mean that sex with your partner is always easy. This is especially true as the married couple gets older or suffers from bedroom issues. Nevertheless, sex will, in all likelihood, remain important in a marriage no matter the couple's situation. 

When having sex becomes an issue, it is never a good sign for a marriage. The woman in the next Whisper Confession discusses the impact on her marriage after her husband is diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED). To make matters worse, he refuses to do anything about it. It is not hard to imagine how a guy would find such a thing as ED an embarrassment and chooses to ignore it. She is convinced if he continues not to do anything about it, their marriage will not last. The best way to get through intimacy issues it to talk about them. Ignoring them is a surefire way to an early divorce. 

3 Resentment And Heartbreak

There may be no greater sign that a marriage will not last than the couple falling out of love with each other. Of course, it does not always have to be that a couple falls out of love. There are times when a couple actually still loves each other, but the marriage still does not last. The reason for this is that they simply stop being happy with one another for whatever reason, and no amount of love can fix it.

Not being happy with one another is what seems to have happened to the woman in the next Whisper Confession. She admits that while she still loves her husband, he no longer loves her. His unhappiness has led to resentment toward her. She sees it in his eyes everyday. Naturally, she believes her marriage is not going to last. What an awful life to live knowing things are going to end. 

2 Trust Is Crucial

The only thing more important than love and respect in a marriage is trust. Once a couple starts to lose trust in each other, it is pretty easy for things to start going downhill. It is very difficult to live a happy life with someone you do not trust. A lack of trust seems to be at the core of the next Whisper Confession.

In this confession, the woman admits her lack of trust in her husband. She believes this will cause her marriage not to last. And for good reason, without trust you have a hard road ahead of you. It does not end there, however. She also mentions she and her husband have both changed a lot. That means her marriage has two strikes against it. It seems like her marriage really does not have a chance of surviving unless they're able to rebuild the trust and navigate their differences. 

1 Weight Gain To Blame?

One thing that causes a marriage to not only last, but also happens in the first place, is the attraction the couple feels for one another. If a couple is not attracted to each other, it is safe to assume that they will not be getting married. Attraction is a big part of what keeps a marriage together. When that starts to go, the marriage starts to suffer.

In this last Whisper Confession, a woman admits to gaining weight and coping with a husband who no longer finds her attractive. Sadly, this is a fate many women, and sometimes men, feel throughout their marriage. Due to this struggle in their relationship, this wife fears her marriage will not last. While no husband wants to see their wife partake in unhealthy behavior, let's hope that his love for her and their marriage isn't solely based on finding her physically attractive. And if a few extra pounds is enough to turn him off, good riddance! That's not someone she wants to be married to anyway. 


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