Whisper Confessions: 15 Women Who Lied About Vaccinating Their Kids

The sad truth is that summer is coming to a close and that means things will be changing. Among other things, it means that kids will be starting school again. Furthermore, some kids will actually be starting public school for the very first time. Of course, to get ready for public school one of the things that must be done is to have that child fully vaccinated. The only thing is that vaccines have become a hot topic of late. More and more people are starting to be against vaccines and genuinely feel that kids should not be getting vaccinated.

This is a pretty controversial point of view since many more people find it ignorant and dangerous. It is for this reason that many of those that are against vaccines are not exactly forth coming with their point of view. In fact, some people flat out lie about vaccinating their kids. However, there is one place that people who might lie about vaccinating their kids can confess to it. That is the app Whisper where people reveal things secretly, and women do often admit to being against vaccines on Whisper. In fact here are 15 Whisper confessions from women that have lied about vaccinating their kids.

15 Lying To The Family

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The thing about people that are against vaccinating their kids is that they do not speak for everyone. Just because someone is against vaccines does not mean that everyone around that person feels the same way. For example, a person's family might not be against vaccines. That seems the be the case with the first Whisper Confession.

It deals with a family that thinks she is vaccinating her kid. The only thing is that her daughter has been free from vaccines for 6 years, which is presumably as long as the kid has been alive. This confession is interesting because it seems to suggest that there is at least a little shame involved in it. One would think that if this mom was truly confident about her decision to not vaccinate her kids, she would not mind telling her family about it. That way they could at least have a discussion about why she believes what she believes and is doing what she is doing. However, instead of discussing it with her family she is just lying to them about it.

14 Government Can't Tell Me S***!

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People that do not vaccinate their children can sometimes be looked down on by others. In fairness, this is largely understandable. However, there are times when someone against vaccines may have at least somewhat of a point. That may very well be true of the next Whisper Confession.

In the confession, a woman admits to being against vaccinating her kids, but not for the reason many might think. She does not seem to think vaccines are harmful, but rather she just does not like the idea of the government telling her that her kids should have chemicals shot into them. Considering that there are more than a few people who believe that government should not tell them much of anything, it is hard not think she has a point. That is not to say that she is right, but that she may not be entirely wrong. Furthermore, it also seems like her position does not have all that much to do with vaccines, but rather what the government should be allowed to do.

13 Refuses To Be Herded 

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One thing is pretty clear when it comes to people that do not vaccinate their children. For whatever the reason, they feel their kids simply do not need vaccines. Sadly, these reasons are not always the most logical or medically sound. That seems to be the case for this next Whisper Confession.

The woman has a simple reason for not getting her kids vaccinated. She believes that her kids are healthier than the kids that are vaccinated. She goes on to claim that she is not at all sorry about not vaccinating her kids and that she is not an idiot for keeping them vaccine-free. She lastly boldly claims that she is not a sheep like most people that are in favor of vaccinating their kids. She clearly does not think too highly of people who are pro-vax. Whatever else, one may be she sure is honest.

12 That Can Wait...Right?

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If there is a reason to get kids vaccinated other than the obvious health reasons, it is school. Kids need to be vaccinated in order to go to public school. Ironically, this fact could be the basis for one mom to not get her kid vaccinated. She says as much in the next Whisper Confession.

She claims that she has yet to vaccinate her daughter because she does not see the need to. She feels that kids do not really need it until they go to school. This may seem like a fairly good point, but it is also a risky one. This mom's whole philosophy is based on the belief she can essentially keep her kid in a bubble. That's great if she can actually do it, but no one, not even her, can say for certain that she can. So it is a risk and a big one.

11 The Truth About Measles

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It pretty much goes without saying that vaccines are used to protect people from a wide variety of illnesses. Some of those illnesses can actually be quite deadly. That is why it is important for kids to get vaccinated. However, the deadlines of diseases seem to be the root of one parent’s lack of vaccinating her kids.

The mom in the next Whisper Confession mentions how measles is a deadly disease. However, she mentions that measles was never thought of as a deadly disease until vaccines came along. It is hard to be entirely sure, but the safe bet is that she has her facts wrong. What is for certain, is that measles is deadly now and children need to be vaccinated against it. As the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to kids.

10 Bold Claims...

Ultimately there is largely only one reason why people do not get their kids vaccinated. That reason is that certain parents believe them to be unsafe. However, some people tend to be more vocal than others about this belief. Take for example the parent in the next Whisper Confession.

She flat out says that vaccines are unsafe, but she does so using some rather colorful language. One thing that has to be said about this mom is that she certainly is passionate about what she is saying. That much is true based on the language she uses. This woman's point of view is wrong, but there is something to be said about her passion. It is much easier to respect someone who is actually passionate about what she believes even if what she believes is incorrect. However, it could prove difficult to make her see reason about vaccines if she is this worked up over an anonymous Whisper Confession. 

9 Anti-Vax For This Reason

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The thing at the root of pretty much everyone that is against vaccines is the misinformation that vaccines are harmful. How exactly people come to believe vaccines are harmful likely differs greatly from person to person. The next Whisper Confession conveys just what one mother thinks about vaccines in no uncertain terms. She thinks they can cause mental retardation - known nowadays as intellectual disability (intellectual developmental disorder).

This confession is pretty astounding. Not only is it based on bogus information, but the confessor chooses to use a very strong word. Didn't we all agree a while back that it is simply not nice to use the word "retard" because it is offensive to people that are mentally handicapped? It sure seems like everyone did. Yet this woman just casually drops it. It's astounding. There just seems to be a lot this mom does not understand, and vaccines are just one of those things, unfortunately.

8 Confessions From The Doc

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There is a perception by some that anyone who is against vaccines is ignorant or even uneducated. This may, in fact, be true of a great many people that are against vaccines. However, it cannot be said it is true of everyone that is against vaccines. The next Whisper Confession reveals, strangely, that a even a doctor can be against vaccines.

That fact that a doctor is against vaccines is what is truly incredible about this confession. How could a doctor be against vaccines? What does this doctor thinks she knows that basically every other doctor does not? It really has to make a person wonder just how competent this doctor is which is pretty scary considering that she is a doctor out there in the world somewhere seeing patients. One can only hope she does not start making recommendations against vaccines in the future.

7 All The Dangers Of Vaccines

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It is important to point out that autism is not the only thing that is mistakenly associated with vaccines. Those who are against them believe vaccines cause a wide variety of damage in our children. That can be seen in this Whisper Confession. The person behind this confession attributes a variety of terrible things to vaccines.

It is very clear that she is not at all a fan of vaccines, and seems to think they are just about the worst thing ever. She then ends her confession imploring people to just say no when it comes to vaccines. Her commitment to her beliefs is almost admirable. It is too bad that she is so wrong. Also, how could she not know she is wrong? If vaccines really cause all the stuff she thinks they do, wouldn't the whole country be paralyzed or dead?

6 Against It All

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If someone is against vaccines, it is not hard to imagine that they would be against various other things as well. That is apparent in the next Whisper Confession. The person that wrote it is against vaccines, but it hardly stops there. She is also against a great many other things that would make anyone kind of wonder about this woman.

This woman seems to think that a fair amount of medical practices are just bad. Does she even really believe in modern medicine? Probably not. A person cannot help but wonder how this woman came to be. Also, does she not find it odd that she is against so many things that so many people support? To be blunt, this woman does sound a bit crazy or at the very least pretty darn radical. In fact, her views on vaccines may be the least radical part of her thinking. 

5 Get Rid Of Them

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It has been demonstrated that people are against vaccines because they either think they are harmful or do not really work. However, this last Whisper Confession is a bit different. She seems to think the vaccines actually do work. Nevertheless, she is still against vaccines, and for a rather morbid reason.

The reason she is against vaccines is because she thinks that there are too many humans! In others words, she wants people to not get vaccinated in the hopes that some people die from diseases they have not been vaccinated against. So yeah, she has a pretty dark point of view. At least most people who are against vaccines feel that way because they don’t believe they actually help people. This woman seems to have no interest in helping people. She seems to want to teach anti-vacine advocates a lesson. 

4 Hate 'Em!

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Vaccines are a pretty hotly debated topic. It is because of this that people sometimes feel the need to explain their viewpoint in great detail. This usually goes for people that are against vaccines. On the other hand, some people that are against vaccines like to keep their arguments short and sweet.

That is certainly that case for the next Whisper Confession. In it, the person simply states that she freaking hates vaccines. That is quite literally all she says. She offers no actual explanation as to why she freaking hates vaccines, but simply that she does. Perhaps she views the less is more approach is the best tactic to take. Nevertheless, one cannot help but wonder exactly why she feels so strongly against vaccines. Of course, she might not really have a good explanation as to why she feels the way she feels. If she can't back up her point, it might be easier to just yell a little louder.

3 She's Figured It All Out

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As one might expect, there are various reasons why people are against vaccines. None of these reasons are overwhelmingly good, by and large. However, the most common reason, is the belief that vaccines somehow cause autism in kids. This is a very popular misconception among those against vaccines.

It does not help that in the past few years even some celebrities believe that there is a link between vaccines and autism. These celebrities, who are not doctors or researchers, have become very vocal about their misconstrued beliefs. The fact is that all the actual experts refute this claim. Nevertheless, vaccines causing autism just seems to be the belief that will not die. People seemingly just want to believe what they want to believe despite the facts. The only problem is that it is those people's kids that could get hurt because of their lack of faith in the facts, which is really a shame.

2 No Trust Here

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The thing is that, yes, there are probably various reasons why people are against vaccines. However, ultimately it comes down to one simple thing. That thing is that people do not trust vaccines. That is it, plain and simple, when it comes right down to it.

That much is painfully clear in this Whisper Confession. The confession simply states that she does not trust vaccines. That is all she says without offering any real explanation. Of course, it is not hard to imagine why she would not trust vaccines. It has already been shown that many who are against vaccines believe they are harmful, particularly in that they can cause autism. If a person hears that enough and actually starts to believe it, then it is no wonder that they would cease to trust vaccines. In a way, it is actually kind of sad.

1 Lies, All Lies!

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The thing about vaccines is that there seems to be so much information about how good they are. Therefore, it is pretty easy to come to the conclusion that people who do not get vaccinated simply do not believe all that information. In fact, some people may even view it as a lie. The person in the next Whisper Confession says as much.

In the confession, the woman boldly claims that vaccines being safe and effective is a lie. What is amazing about this confession is how conspiratorial it is. This woman believes that a major medical process for decades is based on a lie. There is a great deal of mistrust and even paranoia in this confession. It also brings about a lot of questions like why exactly does she think pretty much every doctor in the world is lying.

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