15Lying To The Family

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The thing about people that are against vaccinating their kids is that they do not speak for everyone. Just because someone is against vaccines does not mean that everyone around that person feels the same way. For example, a person's family might not be against vaccines. That seems

the be the case with the first Whisper Confession.

It deals with a family that thinks she is vaccinating her kid. The only thing is that her daughter has been free from vaccines for 6 years, which is presumably as long as the kid has been alive. This confession is interesting because it seems to suggest that there is at least a little shame involved in it. One would think that if this mom was truly confident about her decision to not vaccinate her kids, she would not mind telling her family about it. That way they could at least have a discussion about why she believes what she believes and is doing what she is doing. However, instead of discussing it with her family she is just lying to them about it.

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