Whitney Port Says Her Miscarriage Made Her Marriage Stronger

A miscarriage is an unfortunate event that no person should ever have to experience. For women, it's not just emotionally and mentally painful- there's also the physical pain that comes with such a tragic experience. As for men, all they can really do is mourn this loss alongside their equally devastated partner. But a miscarriage can really test the strength of a relationship. Some can survive it, but some of them are unable to do so.

In the case of The Hills: New Beginning star Whitney Port, her recent miscarriage has strengthened her relationship with her husband, according to her. In her eyes, the sad experience improved her and husband Tim Rosenman's relationship in a way that the pair may not have expected. The couple already has a two-year-old son, Sonny.

During Dear Media’s Live Podcast taping of With Whit, Port, 34, explained, "It forced us … to have these conversations that we wouldn’t necessarily sit down for so long and have. It’s been really amazing. It’s, like, a good bonding experience for us."

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This revelation comes in the aftermath of Port's untimely miscarriage, which she shared on Instagram back in July. The reality TV star and fashion designer expressed the "various emotions" she was dealing with, "from shock to sadness to relief, which then led to guilt for feeling that relief." It was clear just how emotional the miscarriage had made her, judging from the post in question. It seemed very much that Port was still coming to terms with what she and her family had gone through.

Speaking of family, Port later revealed that she has no plans to tell her little boy, Sonny, about the miscarriage. Given how young he is, it makes sense that she would keep quiet on the matter to her son. Port mentioned that perhaps she'd tell him when he's an adult; but again, not anytime in the near future.

As for Port and Rosenman, the couple seems to be doing well these days. Although Port has stressed that they aren't currently trying for baby number two, she also pointed out, "Who knows what the future holds?" So, perhaps things will take a turn for the better for the couple sooner than later.

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