This Is Why Babies Will Pull Their Own Hair

Babies are so interesting to watch. As everything is so new to them, everything is interesting, fresh and exciting. Nothing more so than their own bodies.

Communicating can be a tricky process, especially for new parents who are still learning the cues that little ones give them. There's the "I'm hungry" cry or the "I'm sad" moan, or even the cute little chuckle that comes before a soiled diaper. While verbal sounds are easier to translate, it turns out that when they pull their hair it means something too.

According to Romper, babies under a year pull their hair because they're stressed.

As babies can get irritated easily (let's face it, not being able to tell anyone what you want must suck), they'll often pull at their own hair. Apparently, this is a way that they try and self-soothe and regain control of the situation.

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It sounds painful, but to them, it's a way to get their emotions in check. Experts say that it could also be happening for a much simpler reason: it's one of the things they know how to do. As very young infants, babies are very limited. Especially before they're able to crawl, babies are restricted to what is in their immediate vicinity. A lot of the time, this is just themselves.

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It's not uncommon to see a baby sucking their fingers and thumbs while twirling their hair with the other hand. This helps them to feel safe, comforted and relaxed when they're falling asleep or in distress.

Understandably, some parents can become very concerned with rigorous hair-pulling, but if it happens most frequently before bedtime, it could just be a sign of tiredness. Lost of big mama cuddles and reassurance can help little ones to break the habit.

Most of the time hair pulling is nothing to worry about, but if it carries on past the age of two, it might be worth checking in with your doctor. A condition called Trichotillomania can cause individuals to pull hair out from the scalp and even eyelashes. This isn't common in very young children, but it can occur.


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