Why Girls’ Night Out Is Good for You

Everybody needs a girls’ night out once in a while. Did you know that it’s actually good for your health? Staying social can help you reduce stress, stick to your weight loss goals, and even boost your immune system. It’s also fun! Here are some reasons why you should give yourself a much-needed break.

8 Reduce Stress

Let’s face it. We all need to find ways to relax. Sometimes we just need to get out of the house. If you can head out with your girlfriends and find something to do, do it! It will help you take your mind off of the pressures of being a mom. You don’t even have to go anywhere or do anything special. Just having somewhere to go and talking to someone who allows you to vent can make you feel better. It also relieves stress.

Studies have shown that spending time with your girlfriends can increase the release of the feel-good hormone serotonin in the body. You know how you feel really great after a workout? You have serotonin to thank for that. Spending time with your girlfriends is just as important as going to the gym.

Speaking of going to the gym, exercise is a great way to relieve stress. Lots of gyms have ladies only hours or classes, so getting the girls together to work out regularly can kill two birds with one stone. You’re getting your exercise and your girl time in.

7 Play Dress-Up

Whether you’re an SAHM who rocks her yoga pants, or a businesswoman who wears kickass suits and heels to work every day, dressing up to go out is a lot more fun. Who doesn’t love getting dressed up and doing your hair and makeup once in a while? It’s fun to experiment and do something different.

Try a makeup tutorial or where your hair differently. Even better, pamper yourself and go somewhere to get your hair blown out, your nails painted, or your makeup professionally applied.

You’re dressing to impress, but you’re also dressing for yourself. Splurge on a new outfit if you can afford it. If you can’t expand your wardrobe at the moment, wear your favorite outfit or dig your sexiest pair of shoes out of the back of the closet—whatever makes you feel your best.

Studies have shown there is a connection between what you wear and how you feel. Wearing cheerful, bright colors can make you feel happier and more energized. Wearing something that doesn’t fit or isn’t your style may make you feel awkward. Just because it’s trendy, doesn’t mean it’s suitable for everybody, so wear something that makes you feel good about yourself but be comfortable.

6 REAL Face Time

Friendships change over time. Life gets in the way. We change jobs, move away, and start families. Sometimes, our friendships get moved to the backburner for a little while. We try to keep in touch via Facebook and e-mail. We gradually slip into sending every-once-in-a-while texts. But we don’t forget our real friends. That’s why it’s important to remember to make time to for your girls.

Sure, you might constantly “like” your friends’ Facebook pictures of the girls at the bar or the mimosa toast at Sunday brunch, but wouldn’t you rather be there with them? Social media is great for keeping in touch, but it’s not the same as spending quality time together. Whether it’s shopping, hitting the bar, going out to dinner, or even getting a pedicure or attending yoga class together, it’s important to reconnect with your friends.

Setting a date and time for a girls’ night (or day) out in advance will help clear you from any at-home responsibilities. You will have plenty of time to make sure your partner will be home with the kids or to hire a babysitter. You can even cook dinner and give the kids a bath ahead of time if need be. Taking care of things ahead of time will allow you to go out and actually enjoy yourself instead of worrying about what’s going on at home.

5 Dinner, Drinks, Dancing!

You might ask yourself about the last went out to dinner and didn’t have to ask for a kids’ menu. If this is the case, it’s time for a grown-up night out. Go to a new restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Go somewhere with cuisine that the kids wouldn’t like. Order the drinks, the appetizers, dinner, and the dessert. Linger over your meal, enjoy the adult conversation and being waited on, and remember that the kids are doing just fine at home. Someone is taking care of them. Take care of yourself. Enjoy.

After dinner and cocktails, sometimes a girl just needs to let loose on the dance floor. While you’re bouncing to the music, you’re probably not worried about how many calories you’re burning, but dancing still counts as exercise.

And if going to the club isn’t your thing? There are plenty of other activities you and the girls can do. Go to a sip and paint class. Grab a coffee, walk around the mall, and window shop. The important thing is to just get out and have fun.

4 Catching Up

If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen some of your girlfriends, you might have to catch up on a lot of gossip. Or sometimes, you might feel like there hasn’t been much happening at all. Sometimes, as moms, we’re just happy to make it through the day. Still, there must be lots of little things you can celebrate and brag about. Is that little one finally potty-trained? Did your friend’s baby finally sleep through the night? Is someone nearing a milestone birthday?

Or what about work? Have you recently started a new and exciting project? Has your work sent you traveling to any interesting destinations? Is it finally time to raise a glass to your friend’s big raise?

Don’t want to talk about work? What else has been on your mind? Read any good books lately? Seen any decent movies? Started any new hobbies? No? Ask the girls for suggestions. Find something you can do together the next time you hang out. 

3 Your Support System

Need help with a troubling situation? What better way to get advice than to have a brainstorming session with your BFFs? Whether it’s trying to figure out teething remedies or suggestions for how to handle a difficult situation at work, hanging with your friends will give you ladies a chance to share your experiences and help each other out. You might be lucky enough to have a spouse or partner who you share everything with, but sometimes, another brain (or several) can help you get through a tough time. Whether it’s dealing with something personal or something with the kids, your true friends will want to help any way they can.

And what if your situation is serious? Relationship trouble? Health issues? Sometimes, just having someone to talk to can take the weight off your shoulders. Having a friend to confide in will help lighten your load and make you feel better.

You don’t want to be that friend who only calls when you need something. But if you are stuck in a jam, your friends will be more likely to help out if you’ve kept in touch.

2 Get Back a Piece of Yourself

We’re not talking about reliving the crazy days of your early 20s. We just mean letting yourself go for a little while. Have a cocktail, kick up your heels, leave your worries behind for an evening. Your partner, your kids, your work—it’ll all be there when you get home.

You remember what it was like when you were younger. The only person you had to worry about was you. Now that you’re a mom, think of all the times you’ve probably put your needs aside. Have you ever gone without a shower at the end of the day, because after taking care of the kids or working, you’re too tired to bother? How many times has your dinner gotten cold because you fed everyone else first?

You’re so busy taking care of everyone else and meeting their needs, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Whether it’s going to a movie, dinner at a swanky restaurant, or a spa day, don’t forget to make time for you and your friends once in a while.

1 It’s Good for Your Relationship

You and your partner or spouse may be the very best of friends. He may be the shoulder you can cry on, and he may make you laugh like nobody else. He may listen to what you have to say and you may love spending time together. But hanging out with him is not the same as hanging out with a female friend. Men aren’t wired the same way as women.

The male brain responds to serotonin faster, which could be why women are more prone to depression and mood disorders. On the other hand, women can handle stress better because of the way oxytocin combines with the estrogen in the body. The combination of estrogen and oxytocin results in a calming effect, whereas testosterone can make a male more aggressive and reactionary. All scientific explanations aside, he hasn’t experienced the things your girlfriends have. He can’t relate to things the way your girlfriends can.

And think about it. You took the time to get all dolled up and strutted around trying on different outfits. You put on some sexy shoes and your favorite perfume. You look hot, and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. While you’re out enjoying yourself, your man will be thinking about you, and waiting for you to get home. When you walk through the door, you’ll be in such a good mood from all of the drinks and laughs that you shared with the girls, that you might even be in the mood for a little lovin’. That’s a good thing for both of you!

Bonus: your kids will benefit, too:

  • They’ll learn that you have a life and interests of your own.
  • They’ll learn to be flexible, and to adapt to new rules/situations/surroundings/authority.
  • Maybe they need a break from you, too. But you know what? They’ll be so glad to see you when you come home.

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