Why Have A Diaper Bag When You Can Have A “Go-Bag”?

The weekend is finally here, and I am ready to enjoy some quality time with my husband and toddler. Once we’re up and fed, it’s time to prepare for our day. Wherever it is that we’re going, one thing is for certain- our go-bag is coming along for the ride, too!

When my daughter was still a baby, it took us eons to get ready to leave the house. Making sure both of us were clean, fed and presentable took an embarrassingly long amount of time. Then I had to make sure that I had all the equipment I might need- diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snacks, toys, books and blankets. This meant that I was late to nearly every appointment. My daughter hated being in her stroller (or lying on her back in general), so my options were to either wear her or to carry her with all the supplies I needed to bring with me. I had received a stylish, modern diaper bag as a gift, and I found myself resenting it daily. I was constantly switching the heavy, single-strapped bag from shoulder to shoulder as my muscles tired, and became frustrated with having to pack and unpack it before every outing.

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The problem is that diaper bags are designed to hang off the back of a stroller- not to be lugged around on your back all day. Once you’re no longer using a stroller, the diaper bag becomes a nuisance to carry. My sister-in-law came up with the perfect solution; a brightly colored backpack filled with diaper supplies, non-perishable snacks, a change of clothes, some books and toys. She keeps hers fully stocked all the time so that it’s ready to go whenever she is. She aptly named it her “Go-Bag”.

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It’s a subtle change, but it makes a world of difference. Because it’s a backpack, the go-bag is much easier and more comfortable to carry, especially as your children get older and they don’t want to sit in their strollers. Backpacks have deeper compartments than diaper bags, meaning that you can carry around more stuff without having to unpack everything to grab just one thing from the very bottom. It can hold enough diapers, wipes and cream that you’ll only have to refill it once a week. The go-bag is also convenient for those times that another family member wants to take your baby out for the day. Simply give them the stocked go-bag, and they're ready for their outing with your child. Here’s the kicker- the go-bag can be kept right at your front door, ready to be snatched up when needed without guests ever noticing. Because it’s kept at the ready, you’ll save so much time having to prepare your diaper bag for every outing.

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Once we started using a go-bag, our friends with kids saw how easy, convenient and comfortable it was compared to the classic diaper bag. They all started using one of their own! Having a fully stocked bag by the front door cut down the amount of time and stress it took me to get ready to leave the house. Plus, I started showing up on time to things again. It’s a tiny change, but it turned my world upside down for the better- and I’m only disappointed that I didn’t think of it sooner.

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