Why Keeping a Diary of Your Pregnancy Is Something You'll Always Treasure

Have you always wanted to keep a diary? Well, finding out you’re pregnant is an excellent time to get those words flowing. There are quite a few benefits of keeping a diary of your pregnancy. Releasing your inner Bridget Jones can go a long way in easing your emotional health while also being a means of documenting your journey into motherhood.

Apart from that, experts suggest that writing in a diary is an excellent form of therapy, particularly during times of emotional upheaval and stress – things pregnancies are known for. No matter how rewarding, being pregnant can get rather stressful and what better way of letting it all go than writing in a pregnancy diary?

Putting pen to paper after meticulously collecting your thoughts is extremely rewarding during pregnancy. The best part about it is that you will always have a personal record of your pregnancy that you can later gift to your kids as well. Apart from that, here are a few reasons why you should keep a diary of your pregnancy:

7 Reason # : These are Moments to Cherish

Things are going to get extremely chaotic at home once your bundle of joy arrives. This particularly holds true for parents who have other kids already – kids who will continue to demand equal attention after your baby’s delivery. To be honest, most women tend to remember very few ‘pleasurable’ details of their pregnancy and find it hard to overlook the more ‘stressful’ aspects of being pregnant.

However, there are parts of being pregnant that you can and should remember for the rest of your life. These parts of being pregnant should be recorded in a diary for you to remember them in times to come. Remembering the ‘traumas’ associated with being pregnant is very easy. Getting all that endless nausea, heartburn and other discomforts off your mind isn’t easy.

However, jotting down those precious feelings while there is a life developing inside you is an action that is just about incomparable. In the future, when your children are ready to move out of the family house you can easily get that pregnancy diary out and reminiscence the time when he was in your belly.

Record a miracle

Being pregnant and giving birth to a baby is nothing short of a miracle. Yes, you may feel a bit sick and disturbed all through this miracle, but by documenting your memories in a pregnancy journal you will be able to cherish this phase forever. The fact of the matter is that things are going to change a great deal once your pregnancy is over, but by writing about it all you will make it possible for yourself to remember the experience forever.

6 Reason # : It Will Help You Bond with Your Developing Baby

Writing in a pregnancy diary can work wonders in terms of helping you bond with your unborn child. Not only is a diary going to help you record the memories of your pregnancy, it will also make it possible for you to connect with your developing baby like nothing else can. Writing in a pregnancy diary all through the nine months of your pregnancy will allow you to get acquainted with your bundle of joy because the experience will be shared by just you and your baby – nobody else.

Keeping a diary while you’re expecting can also assist you in focusing on the pregnancy. While you’re at it, there’s no need for you to worry about writing only a rose-tinted version of the experience – it’s best for you to be honest about it all. Write about how you feel physically and focus on your concerns and worries as well. Believe it or not, but writing a ‘true’ account of your feelings is going to help you get rid of those feelings of anxiety too.

Write it all out

It’s natural for you to experience many new emotions and sensations during your pregnancy – and there isn’t much chance that you will remember them afterwards. For this reason, it’s highly recommended for you to write about it all in a pregnancy diary. Most importantly, you will be able to reflect on your feelings during the nine months of your pregnancy by writing about it all.

Also, you can use your diary as a scrapbook for ultrasound pictures and photos from the pregnancy – things that you will cherish forever.

5 Reason # : The Experience Needs to be Recorded

Every chapter of your life is going to bring many changes in you and your perception of life. Amidst many such chapters and phases, pregnancy is one that definitely stands out. Things that you experience while pregnant are going to change you mentally and physically. It’s for this reason that the entire experience deserves to be documented at every stage. 

To make it more exciting, consider it a safeguarded journey that you and your developing baby embark on – it’s something only the two of you share with each other. In your pregnancy journal, you can paint an entire portrait of your life before kids. Once you’re elbow-deep in dirty burp cloths and poop-filled diapers, you will probably forget a lot of your past life and experiences – experiences that you can’t have once your baby makes an arrival. 

In your pregnancy diary, make lists of your favorite songs, the TV shows that you never miss and the activities that keep you busy (cooking classes, craft nights etc.) Mention things you like about your career and give details of the time spent with your girlfriends. While you are at it, make sure that you write about what made you think that now is the right time to have your baby – you’ll need to remind yourself of this once your baby is here.

A memory capsule

Writing in a pregnancy diary will help you create a memory capsule for you when odd cravings and first kicks become a thing of the past. With a diary, you will also be able to maintain a space just for yourself so you can read it all out years and years after delivering your baby.

4 Reason # : Your Diary Will Serve as a Postpartum Body Booster

Many mothers find it extremely hard to reduce baby fat right after delivering their babies. This can lead to a serious struggle that may take a toll on your emotional well-being. So whether you are struggling to shed all that baby weight or are the sort of person whose body has literally snapped back to its original form, there’s a good chance that your ego may need a bit of prep talk and a little motivation to get things going.

Yes, the joy of giving birth to a baby is unlike any other, but your pregnancy diary is going to go a long way in giving you the boost that you need. Some women don’t have to put any effort whatsoever in terms of losing baby fat –their bodies just snap back to their prenatal form without having to do much. But there are others who put up with a serious struggle in this regard, thereby finding it extremely hard to lose their baby weight.

In such cases, a lot of motivation is required – and this is what your pregnancy diary is going to help you out with. Your diary will help you learn about the wonderful feats that your body is capable of, thereby providing you with all the motivation you need to keep trying.

Share the highs and the lows

Being pregnant brings about a seesaw of moods and emotions. It can present you with a wonder each time your baby kicks and excite you over getting to meet your bundle of joy. However, it brings about ‘lows’ too – recording these negative emotions in your pregnancy diary is highly recommended to be able to let go of all that stress.

3 Reason # : Your Diary Will Remind You of All that You Went Through While Pregnant

The moment you deliver your baby, you will just remember three things from your pregnancy and two of them will be nausea. Yes, there will be certain aspects of your pregnancy that you may wish to forget as soon as possible, there will be those too that you would like to cherish forever. However, in the hustle and bustle of raising a baby, these details may soon be forgotten too.

The one thing that you can be assured of is that you will look back on these memories at some point in your life or the other and this is what your diary will definitely help you out with. Most interestingly, the diary that you keep writing in all through your first pregnancy can prove to be a major comfort when the time comes for you to have your second child.

Through your diary, you’ll be able to remind yourself that the things you’re going through right now are totally natural and normal – there’s nothing to worry about. Reading over the details of your first pregnancy will help you relax over stressful periods and overwhelming situations.

List down all helpful resources

It’s highly recommended for you to make a list of all the helpful pregnancy forums, books and internet sites that you frequent in your diary. This way, it will not be necessary for you to spend time searching for them the next time you get pregnant. The best part is that you will also be able to share this list with your friends who come asking for help in this regard. 

There wouldn’t be a need for you to search for these resources from scratch – you’ll just need to open your diary and boast about it all in front of your friends!

2 Reason # : Consider the Emotional Release

Many women experience mild to severe depression during pregnancy with most of them suffering from postnatal depression as well. For this reason, it’s necessary for you to keep an eye on your emotional health while pregnant and even after you deliver your precious little angel and bring him home.

Yes, there is no guarantee at all that keeping a diary will help you avert depression, but the fact of the matter is that reflective writing can work wonders in terms of providing an emotional outlet when it is much-needed. Most importantly, this emotional outlet will also help you tune in to all the different things going on inside your head.

Keeping a diary is a wonderful tool for self-awareness as it will allow you to reflect on all the different thoughts, situations and feelings you experience all through pregnancy. Also, documenting your reactions to different situations can assist you in learning more and more about yourself and how you deal with certain situations.

Pay attention to your thoughts

With a diary, it will be easily possible for you to keep an eye on your emotions. This way, you will be able to identify when your thoughts are becoming distressing and negative – an early warning sign of depression. By going through your diary every now and then you will be able to figure out when your mood is consistently low – another warning sign of depression. By keeping a diary of your pregnancy, you will basically know when you should get more help for depression and anxiety in case things start slipping out of hands.

1 Reason # : Release Your Stress by Writing About It

Irrespective of whether you are a writer or not, you’re definitely going to find keeping a pregnancy journal a very relaxing initiative. There will be so much for you to write about in your diary. For instance, you can give details about the way you’re feeling physically and emotionally and take time to assess your feelings. Writing is a very effective outlet for releasing stress, which is why you should take it up during pregnancy.

Not only will you find it relaxing, it will be something you can share with your kids when they grow up. If you want, you can even make it a project and decorate it a bit with mementos, photos and a whole lot more. The one thing about keeping a pregnancy diary is that it will allow you to ‘listen’ to your own voice.

By writing in a diary, you can drown out the noise long enough to make decisions that are authentic, unique and based solely on what is best for you and your developing baby, devoid of thoughts of your mother, your husband’s mother, your employer or society at large. As a mother, you will be bombarded with countless ideas as to the right ways of parenting and you may find it hard to drown out the noise at times. Take control of your decisions by writing in a pregnancy journal!

Throw away those negative thoughts – create cherished memories

Writing down your thoughts is one of the best means of clearing your mind. By writing in a diary, you can get rid of all your negative thoughts and focus on creating memories that you will cherish forever.

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