Why Kids Shouldn't Have Social Media Accounts, According To Experts

Bradley Chambers has revealed why he believes that kids shouldn’t have social media accounts, even in this digital age. With a generation growing up not ever knowing a world without WiFi, an online presence seems to essential to their social lives. However, it may not be causing more harm than good to our kids.

These days, it can be easy to discipline your kid: just take away their phone or unplug the WiFi. More often than not, they won’t know what to do with themselves now that there isn’t a screen in their hands. While it’s quite convenient, it’s quite sad to realize that the youth is so reliant on technology for everything. Back in the day, families would argue over the use of one desktop computer, and dial-up internet was not fast enough to provide endless hours of entertainment. Kids had to focus on things other than what’s on a digital screen.

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Chambers gave a talk at a local church advising parents on their kids’ social media use. Instead of providing a magic method or tool that will help them manage their kids’ social media accounts, he highlighted how in reality, kids don’t need these online profiles. He asked the people in the room if Facebook or Instagram has helped them achieve their goals in life, and majority said no. He then asked them to raise their hands if ever they saw something on Facebook that made them angry, and majority of people’s hands were up.

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Not only can social media be detrimental to a child’s mental health (chasing “likes,” angering Facebook posts, unrealistic expectations from Instagram photos, etc.), but it can also be dangerous for a child’s future. Chambers compared it to the reasons for why we don’t let 14-year-olds drive a car: they’re not responsible enough to manage it properly. Kids can make poor decisions online, and it is very difficult to undo the damage, as whatever has been said on the internet will remain forever.

The talk was concluded with Chambers outlining how parents must also be an example of this behaviour. He has no social media accounts other than for work-related profiles, and he encourages his kids to live in the moment instead of bringing out their phone to “take it for the ‘Gram.” He urges parents to consider removing their kids’ social media accounts instead of attempting to manage them.

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