Why Millennial Parents Are Stressing Out

With the multiple tracking apps and news updates that exist in this day and age, millennial parents are under constant pressure to prove themselves and protect their child from the outside world. Is this constant stress required? Are millennial parents really doing a lousy job than the parents from a few years back?

A recent study has revealed that millennial parents are the most anxious generation, and that the steep rise in stress levels among Americans has been evident in the last few years.

To find out the anxiety level, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has surveyed over 1000 U.S. adults. The results revealed that anxious feelings increased the most over the past year among baby boomers (between 54 and 72 years of age) in comparison to Generation Z-ers (38 to 53), and millennials (20 to 37). However, Millennials continued to be considered as the most anxious group overall.

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Though the survey didn’t drill down into the cause of such stress and anxiousness, some of the most probable causes are:

Millennial parents are do everything overtly – they are overly cautious, protective, informed, caring, and everything that you can think of!

There's an endless number of sources informing you all the things that could do probable harm to your children. This includes incorrect foods, incorrect soaps, the incorrect amount of screen time, incorrect car seats, incorrect portions of food, incorrect vaccines, incorrect schools, incorrect areas, incorrect friends, incorrect relations. You'll feel exhausted just thinking about all that. You're so swamped with information that you consistently go out of your way to be the best parent you can be. As per a TIME survey, approximately six out of 10 millennial parents report being overwhelmed by the parenting information they're fed every day.

But you can't do everything for your child, nor can you shield them from the world forever. There have been, and there will be dangers which we can't foresee. So, stop being that “overtly-parent", and let your children live a little.

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"Your child is your responsibility."

The above thought is just plain ridiculous. The pressure of your child’s responsibility on your shoulder brings you down, and it's a prime cause as to why millennial parents are always so stressed out. Your child needs to see you as an individual sometimes- not just as a parent. They need to see you as an employee, a friend, a volunteer, a person with dreams and ambition, and a person who pursues hobbies. To do all that, you'll have to ignore your child sometimes. You'll have to sneak out from the midst of a game or cancel a play date every now and then- and that’s okay

You cannot protect your child from everything, and if at all you do it today, how long can you continue in this way? Do you want him or her to grow up as a dependent individual? Or be completely dependent on you every single thing, even when they're an adult? Clearly, the former scenario is the better one.

You need to stop feeling guilty for whatever you do. You're the parent, and you want the best for your child. Trust your instinct- not the information flowing in from all directions. Finally, please remember that it's good to be selfish at times. It will also allow you to have some sort of identity that's separate from being a parent. All of this will leave you feeling a lot less stressed out!

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