Why Mom’s Labor Won’t Be As Rough As People Say, Based On Her Horoscope

Every mother has a unique experience in labor but what we all agree on is that no one can claim to be an expert on labor. While Hebrew births (supposedly quick and painless) are a thing that happens to a lucky few, labor comes with unforgettable pain for most. So, what dictates how smooth or rough the experience will be for each woman? Her horoscope.

Not many of us believe in our star signs, but after doing a little research and looking at our own lives, we have to admit, there is some truth in them. Most of us go about our lives unaware that there is some kind of pattern that is dictated by the stars and what the universe conspired to bestow on us. Stargazers tell us that we all have traits that make our interaction with people a lot smoother and there are those people who come off as standoffish. Those who just put people off and they find themselves caught in a situation where no one wants to be around them.

Each mom is unique in her own way but there are those common traits found throughout astrology that make many moms' experiences somewhat similar. Our horoscopes are great indicators as to the way in which our labor may go based on our personalities.

For those who are highly emotional, labor is confronted the same way as other aspects of their lives, which is with their hearts. On the flip side, for those who are tough as nails usually soldier on and hardly break a sweat, even after pushing out a 12-pound baby through an opening the size of an orange. Read on to find out why moms labor won’t be as rough as people say based on her sign.

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20 Capricorns Stick To The Birth Plan

Via: Alice Carbone

According to Astrostyle, if you were born between December 22nd and January 19th, you are a Capricorn and your birth sign is the goat.

A Capricorn is a master planner who believes in structure and long-term goals. She is the mom in the labor ward with a birth plan that will go down exactly as it was penned on paper.

Capricorns are helpful and organized. She is the mom who has done several birth rehearsals over and over. For the Capricorn, the birth experience is something to be conquered and she will be helping the doctors follow her birth plan.

19 …And Will Do It With A Smile

Via: Sistas of Strength

While the other moms are screaming their lungs out, she will be composed and determined. She will be the mom who tries out all the birthing techniques --however risky-- without batting an eyelid.

The Capricorn mom doesn’t cringe and she is up for everything and with her energy, labor is never rough.

For her, labor will be quite interesting and she may even ask for the mirror to watch the baby come out as she pushes and she may even say no to the pain meds because she wants to have the full experience of what labor is truly like.

18 Leo May Be Pregnant Forever

This fiery member of the horoscope is passionate, creative and quite generous. She loves friends and she loves having fun. The Leo mom feels like an elephant pregnant for two years. For her, the pregnancy will go on and on and on. True to her feelings, she may go well past her due date.

The Leo mom loves the limelight and she may be the mom tweeting #SoBored with a picture of her bulging belly.

Making plans with friends and even getting that manicure will make the wait a lot less stressful. Labor will come and when it does, she will want the red carpet rolled out.

17 ...Because She Loves Attention

The Leo mom is the diva in the labor ward. She is the center of attention and she loves it. She is the ruler of the limelight with the kind of energy that makes her blaze through labor with a smile and a few selfies to complete the picture. A Leo mom is always in a hurry to get the show rolling and she invites all her family and friends to witness the monumental event.

When in labor, the Leo mom is in her element and she knows just how to capitalize on it. Surrounded by her family and friends, she will race to the finish line in all the glitter at her disposal.

16 Sagittarius Is Organized and Prepared

Via: Charlotte Philby

The Sagittarius mom is always up for an adventure. She is a risk taker who dreams big and is always on a learning spree. This is the mom in the labor ward who has read all the books and done all the research. Her labor will be quite smooth because she won’t be the mother caught by surprise in the middle of labor.

She will have researched all the birth positions and tricks to make labor a lot smoother and even done a few simulations. Nothing in the labor ward will intimidate her because she will be the mom who visits the hospital a few days early just to check it out.

15 ….and She Will Be In The Loop

Via: Parents Magazine

The Sagittarius mom asks questions and then some. She is very curious and it serves her well.

She doesn’t like silences and if you are the doctor staring at her nether regions quietly without a word, she will be up in his face asking what is going on. Sagittarius mom doesn’t do well with surprises and she hates being left in the dark.

For her, labor will be smooth because she knows exactly what is happening when and why. The Sagittarius mom is an extrovert and an optimist and she comes with enough energy to keep up with any surprises that labor brings.

14 Aquarius Is Peaceful & Secure

via: theconversation.com

Hers will be a peaceful and serene experience. For the Aquarius mom, labor is a natural process and she will be one with nature as she brings her child into the world. This mom is open-minded and she doesn't mind a few unconventional birthing methods if they will make her birthing experience memorable and magical.

Instead of going into a hospital where there will be someone waiting with pain meds, she will be the mother who opts for a water birth or a home birth. This mom adheres to her own rules and this will make her birthing experience smooth and just perfect.

13 ...Most Importantly, She Isn’t Squeamish

This mother isn’t squeamish and her honesty is something to be envied. She is the mom calling it in the labor room, even outlining what happens when the baby starts to crown. She is unpredictable, truthful and affectionate and this mother never beats around the bush.

She will gross out her visitors and family without batting an eyelid. Her labor will not be as easy, but she will make a party of it and when the time to push the baby out, comes, she will not care how many people are on the wrong end of the bed. But once the baby is out according to The Bump, this genius out of all the signs will raise him well and in an encouraging way.

12 She Is A Dependable Taurus

via: vox.com

According to Babble.com, the Taurus mom is dependable and a perfect provider. She is stubborn and relentless and quite the hard worker. When in labor, the Taurus mom will exercise her resilient nature, willing to wait out the little munchkin however long he takes.

She views labor as one of her projects and for her, there is a finish line and she has to finish the job.

She may be tired and worn out but she will push through and even if she winds up in surgery, for her, labor is a must do a project that she accomplishes with a smile and she will be good at it.

11 …And She Will Be Right On Time

Being so stubborn and dependable is favorable to the Taurus mom as it means her baby will be on time. That EDD for the Taurus mom never changes. According to Romper, the Taurus mom will be on time and she falls in the small margin of mamas who have babies on their due date.

She may not be having any signs of labor, but if she is a Taurus mom, but when the circled date draws near, it is advisable to start parking that hospital bag.

The chances are high she won’t be the mama saying ‘I am two weeks late.’ This mama is punctual and predictable.

10 Libra Mom Will Go With the Flow

Via: The Vintage Roses

The Libra mom inspires peace and harmony. This mom does not sweat the small things and she will be quite cooperative and ready to follow all the instructions. When in labor, a Libra mom will cooperate with the health providers and go with the flow.

She comes for the birth prepared and ready to tough it out, which means nothing will come as a surprise. She needs a partner to get through the process and she will be looking to have a loved one around. But if she doesn’t have anyone, she will soldier on and be the perfect patient.

9 ...But The False Alarms Will Be Many

Born between September 23rd through October 22nd, this air element is quite gracious and even though she is quite cooperative, she is quite the prankster and chances are before the baby comes, she will have one or two false starts.

Libras are indecisive and this is why no one would be surprised if the baby comes half way out then decides to retreat and come out at a later date. This is not to mean she should sit out the false starts. Since there is no way of telling they are false starts unless she is checked, but she should be prepared for a few runs to the ER and back home.

8 Cancer - An Emotional Experience

via: tommys.org

Cancer moms are loving, nurturing and emotional creatures who thrive in the family. She wears her heart on her sleeve and has lots of empathy. This mom is family-oriented and she will be looking forward to having her baby out and expanding her family.

Labor is an emotional process and being a Cancer, she will be going through an emotional rollercoaster that is typical of Cancers. But with friends and family around her, hers will be a smooth ride. She is the mother who will be shedding tears of joy as she hugs and kisses her new bundle of joy.

7 …And She May Wind Up In The Theater

Via: mediaanarchist.wordpress.com

A Cancer mom’s element is water and her color is white. Her strength is immeasurable and she is quite loyal and imaginative. This mom will do well in a water birth in line with her element and she may be better relaxed there.

But for her, labor is quite dramatic and she may wind up with an emergency C-section.

Being a drama queen, the cancer mom will choose the best doctor for the C-section, which means being in the best of hands and with her family around, she will be quite fine. She has made good friends and has the support of family, which means labor will be okay.

6 Virgo Mom – A Critical and Analytical Labor

The Virgo mom is analytical and organized. She approaches labor much like she would a mountain climbing expedition, with a sharp eye making very calculated moves.

She isn’t easily moved and for her, labor is a job she has to accomplish. This impassionate approach means labor for her will not be perfect, but it won’t be all bad.

She knows what her goal is, to get her baby in her arms and that focus will get her through. Being naturally organized, if labor takes an unexpected turn, she may get bothered, which means she will make it through alright but with less poise.

5 …But She Is Shy and Will Worry

The Virgo mom is a worrier by nature and she is incredibly shy. She doesn't like attention and she would gladly go about life unnoticed.

This is a difficult trait to have when one is in the middle of labor.

She will be worried about exposing herself, but the doctor and all the people who are excited about the newborn and those there to help get the baby out will be all over her business making labor for her quite uncomfortable.

For the Virgo mom, documenting the birth is a no-no and she will be busy bossing people from that side of the curtain. For the Virgo mom, if you want to be a part of the labor stay topside.

4 Aries – It Will Be Over In A Flash

The Aries mom who was born between March 21 and April 19 is a courageous soul who comes with lots of determination. Her element is fire, but unfortunately for this fiery mama, labor will be tough with contractions that are out of this world. Her determination will see her through but her fiery temper will have her shouting some unprintable words.

The good news is, for this mama, her labor will be over in a flash. She hates delays and second thoughts, her bonding with her baby will be instantaneous.

3 ...But Not Before She Has That Dance

It’s a good thing that this mom is fearless and courageous because her labor will be something she won’t forget in a while. She will have very painful contractions and they may be quite unbearable, but being so determined will serve her well.

This mom is ready for war and she will take labor head on and even the pain won’t slow her down.

She will be the mom in the labor room dancing the baby out or running up and down the stairs, determined to make the baby come out through sheer determination and the other moms will join too because her enthusiasm is infectious.

2 Gemini - Emotional Roller Coaster But Not That Bad

via: verywellfamily.com

Geminis are gentle and affectionate souls who hate routine, something that happens a lot in the third trimester. The Gemini mom has two emotions fighting inside of her. One mama is ready for labor and the other, can’t stand the pain.

She wants a smooth ride but when she is in pain, her temper will flare and she will be the mother who kicks and punches the doctor’s eye out. She has been in pregnancy for what seems to her like a century and if labor takes long, she will be throwing tantrums and screaming her head off and throwing things around.

1 ...And Baby will Show Up Early

The Gemini mama hates routine and is always looking forward to something new and hoping that pregnancy could end already. For her, this pregnancy has gone on too long and she is tired.

For a Gemini, labor seems to go on and on and she is so impatient and tired that she hopes the pregnancy will end already. In her impatience, the baby may arrive before she can even blink.

This is the mother whose baby may show up in the vehicle or in the parking lot. Having someone to see her through labor will give her the comfort she needs to calm her nerves in the middle of this emotional roller coaster. She makes for a good mom though and according to Your Tango, she will be quite open with her child.

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