This Is Why Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Won’t Post About 2-Year Old On Social Media

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley recently told People she keeps her 2-year-old off of social media because she wants him to grow up safe and normal.

The supermodel, actress and beauty mogul is protective of her family. So much so, she doesn't like publicizing her family life on social media which consists of 2-year-old Jack Oscar and fiancé Jason Statham. The founder of beauty brand Rose Inc. shared a few more reasons why she doesn't want to share too much of her family online.

“At the heart of everything is my family and making sure that they’re okay and that they have everything they need and that I’m committed as a parent in every way possible,” Huntington-Whiteley explained.

She then added, “I just want him to basically grow up as normal as he can and to see what his parents do as their work, but when they come home, it’s family time.

“Things on the internet live forever. Jack might grow up one day and want to be a doctor or a lawyer or a solicitor or an architect and might not want to have his face all over the internet. … It’s not about publicizing those private moments for us.”

Even though Huntington-Whiteley isn't keen on sharing a lot, she does admit that finding a balance between her career and being a mom is a constant struggle. She opened up about the importance of finding a community of moms to lean on for support and advice. She acknowledged that she doesn't live an average mom's life, but that doesn't get in the way of relating to other moms. She enjoys the mommyhood community because everyone is willing to engage with each other.

Being a career mom isn't easy, but Huntington-Whiteley makes it work because she is dedicated to whatever role and position she has to be at any giving time. When she is working, she is completely focused. When she is with her son and fiancé, they have her undivided attention. She admits she'll put her phone down so she won't get distracted while she's with her family. Like all good parents, she takes family time very seriously. You do you, girl!

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