Why Those Mommy Friends Are Jealous Of You Based On Your Zodiac

Whenever people learn about their sun signs, they will find out the characteristics of the sign, as well as the sign's strengths and weaknesses. However, some will be confused when they are of one sun sign but relate more to another sign. What many people don't understand is that our personal horoscopes include a lot more than our sun signs alone.

Sure, the sun sign makes up a significant part of who we are. However, you also have your Moon sign which rules your emotions and your rising sign that rules how you see others- and the kind of "mask" you have. For instance, you may have a sun in Aries, which may make you a leader in many ways, but you could have a Moon in Gemini, which may make you more inclined to read a book or move from place to place because it is comforting to you on an emotional level. You may have a rising sign in Libra, which not only causes you to see fairness in each situation, but you come off that way to others too. Others see you as fair.

That being said, your sun sign only creates some of what you are all about- but the fact of the matter is that the sun sign still makes up a significant part of our personal horoscopes. And all of us know certain moms who we envy, whether we admit it or not. The fact of the matter is that everyone has their gifts, and challenges as well. Let's talk about why your mommy friends may be jealous of you because of your sun sign, and why you may be jealous of your mommy friends based on their zodiac!

12 Aries - They Are Jealous Of Your Advocating Skills

Those who have a sun in Aries are passionate, strong, self-assured and are definitely leaders. They are also advocates, as they know how to fight for what they believe in. They also don’t take crap from anyone. You can believe that a mom with a sun in Aries will be advocating for her child, regardless as to why her kid needs advocating. The child could have a disability like autism, or may have been bullied, or was treated unfairly by the teacher.

Regardless of why the child needs advocating, the mom with an Aries sun will make sure that she makes sure that her child’s are met and somehow the school boards do end up listening to her- and accompany her child’s needs. You may have found yourself in that situation but no one ends up listening to you because you may have been less effective on how to convey the message. Those with an Aries sun are born to be leaders and advocates, so don’t be too hard on yourself if that doesn’t apply to you!

If you are the mom with the Aries sun and your mommy friends seem to be standoffish towards you, this is why!

11 Taurus- They Are Jealous Of Your Tenacity

Those who have a sun in Taurus are most definitely in love with material belongings and material things. They are also stubborn and very tenacious. No one can make a Taurean budge except for the Taurean him or herself.

It is believed that Taureans love to eat, which is quite true. However if a Taurean is set on losing weight or attaining any other kind of goal, once that mind is set, it’s set and the goal will be met. If you have a mom friend who has a Taurus sun, and she is able to stick to a healthy eating plan and losing that weight while you keep falling off the wagon- you will wonder how she can keep at it no matter what and keep her focus. That is because she has a Taurus sun, and that is the nature of the sign- they are extremely tenacious by nature.

If you are the tenacious Taurus mom, this is why your friends are jealous of you, they wish they had your gift.

10 Gemini - They Are Jealous Of Your Vibrance

Those who have a Gemini sun are incredibly vibrant, there is no other way to describe them. They shine wherever they are. They know how to strike up a conversation and are also known to be the natural collaborators. Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac.

If you have a sun in Gemini, your mommy friends are probably quite jealous of your ability to socialize and to chat it up. You find a way to not only talk to others but you can get them to listen to you. You may not be listening to them, and you probably aren’t since Geminis are known to talk but don’t really take in what they hear. But others are hearing you. Your mommy friends wish they knew how to create just a little bit of small talk to get others interested in having a conversation like you can.

Face it, you are a star that shines and your mommy friends want to know what your secret is. The fact is that you are the talkative and energetic Gemini and that is your secret, it’s your gift.

9 Cancer - They Are Jealous Of How Selfless You Are

Those who have a sun in Cancer are the nurturers, and are the caregivers. They are the most emotional sign in the zodiac. Cancers can be too kind for their own good, and definitely have huge hearts.

If you have a Cancer sun and you are a mom, you do a great job nurturing and protecting your kids. Your kids always come first and you are quite alright for not having any ME time for a while. But every mom needs ME time and that even goes for Cancer moms. Your friends are probably jealous of how devoted you are to your family and your kids and still manage to keep it all together considering you always put your needs on the bottom of the totem pole.

Your friends may not only be jealous of your ability to be so selfless, but you make them feel selfish for going crazy for not having any time to themselves in a day after caring for their families all day long. Every mom needs time to themselves, even the ones who have a sun in Cancer.

8 Leo - They Are Jealous Of How Fun You Are

Those who have a sun in Leo are strong, bold, fun and are the center of attention. They can be incredibly dramatic, but also creative. They are incredibly expressive. Moms with a Leo sun are not only bold but are incredibly fun. They know how to have a fun time with their kids regardless of their ages. 

They are enjoying playing with them in the water park, or finger painting with them, or are even making a game out of mealtime that would normally be difficult. Meanwhile, you are counting down the minutes for bedtime because you are tired of playing hide and seek with your kids.

You can’t help but be jealous of that Leo mom who can find a way to make parenting fun, because most of the time it is work. In fact some aspects can be downright awful, even though you love your kids more than anything in the world.

If you are the Leo mom, just know that your friends wish they possessed this quality of yours if they seem cold, and there is no need to take it personally otherwise.

7 Virgo - They Simply Think You Are The Perfect Mom

Those who have a sun in Virgo are known to be quite analytical, yet caring, and structured even though they can be obsessive and neurotic. However, Virgo mommies are seen as opinionated, strong willed, structured, and yet are incredibly compassionate, patient and understanding at the same time. Yes, they may be obsessive to the point that they can go crazy but they simply have it all together!

How do these Virgo mommies do it all in one shot? They not only are making sure that their kids’ needs are met, and it shows because their kids are well groomed, happy and doing well in school and socially- and these moms also look great, and manage their own lives so well.

If your life is falling apart in some areas because you are so stressed and the only way to cope is to eat, and in order for your kids to do as well as your Virgo mommy friend’s kids is my neglecting your own needs. Just know that this is just the gift of being a Virgo mom.

However, if you are the Virgo mom that is dealing with friends who appear to be jealous, well they are and they wish they possessed your gift.

6 Libra- They Are Jealous Of How Real You Are

Those who have a sun in Libra are known to be fair, balanced and indecisive. Libra is a social sign, and represents giving as well as receiving- therefore that is a balance. Beauty is also important to the Libra but it is not everything.

Therefore, you may assume that Libra moms are always going to be so beautiful on the outside and you may think that is their focus. It is not, and that is not why other moms may be envious of Libra moms. The fact that Libra moms have wonderful friendships will unleash the green-eyed monster.

Libra moms have no hesitation about being honest. They will never BS you, and the reason for that is because if they feel that something is not fair or right they will be vocal about it. If you are the type that holds your thoughts in because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings- for instance if you feel you are taken advantage of by someone but you keep quiet about it because you are afraid to speak up- then this gift that the Libra mom possess will make you envious.

If you are the Libra mom, and you have been noticing that your friends seem jealous, this is why and even call them out on it- they can’t deny it if you know it is true. Since you are a Libra, you will be diplomatic about it so they won’t have a need to be defensive.

5 Scorpio - They Are Jealous Of How Powerful You Are

The fact of the matter is that those who have a sun in Scorpio are incredibly intense, as well as secretive, intuitive and very powerful. They have this energy that many people are fearful of, with good reason. However, if you are on a Scorpio’s good side, then that is great news for you because you will be protected. If not, however that is not good news for you and you will want to keep away.

Therefore, Scorpio moms have a way of reminding most of us to not sweat the small stuff and to focus on the important stuff. Even if they don’t come out and say it which they don’t. Scorpio’s don’t necessarily communicate verbally as well as they communicate with others telepathically and everyone can pick that up.

If you are upset about something minor, and you vent to your Scorpio mommy friend about it- she will have a way to make you see that what you are fussing over is not important. She is not minimizing your feelings, just helping you maintain the right perspective. She could even have the most difficult life known and yet she still manages to not only keep things in perspective- but has a way to remind others to do the same. Scorpios are just so powerful like that, and anyone can be envious of a mom like this!

If you are the Scorpio mom and your intuition is telling you that your friends are jealous of you, you are right, and this is why.

4 Sagittarius- They Are Jealous Of How Fearless You Are

Those who have a sun in Sagittarius are known to be adventurous, positive, and fearless. They will take risks and chances. So you will see that many moms who have a sun in Sagittarius will be ready to take chances that you will be hesitant to take. They will do things on a whim, and that makes you uncomfortable, yet at the same time you wish you had that trait.

These moms may be the type that will take their kids on trips no matter what, while you are dreading the idea of taking your kids even on a road trip because you will not want to deal with them misbehaving or getting sick, or whatever else could possibly go wrong while traveling with kids. Sagittarian moms don’t give it a second thought, and go anyway. These moms are risk-takers, they have guts and it drives you crazy. Just remember that this is a gift of the Sagittarius.

If you are the Sagittarian mom that your friends are jealous of, this is why, and why not invite them along on an outing so they see how much fun it can be, even with the challenges that could come along with kids.

3 Capricorn- They Are Jealous Of How Determined You Are

The fact of the matter is that those who have a Capricorn sun are hard working and ever so determined. In fact the Capricorn is referred to as the master planner of the zodiac, and you somehow manage to keep your family home very structured, and your life very structured no matter how chaotic your life at home becomes.

Your mommy friends see how much you are keeping it together when you may have a reason to fall apart, and it drives them crazy. They have no idea how you do it and they would give anything to be able to hold it together and to keep trucking on (which they still do but don’t do it nearly as easily as you) the way you do. You can thank the stars for this gift because you are so determined to take whatever life hands you because you are a Capricorn.

2 Aquarius - They Are Jealous Of How Innovative You Are

Those who have a sun in Aquarius are extremely innovative and unique. You also focus on friendships. Moms with a sun in Aquarius will be the ones to not only organize play dates and keep them, but they will be the ones to come up with unique ideas for the kiddos. If they have a unique idea for a playdate, they will come up with it and announce it to their mommy friends.

Of course the mommy friends are going to love whatever idea the Aquarian mom has for the kids’. They will also be incredibly jealous of the fact that the Aquarian mom is so creative and has better ideas for the kids than they could ever come up with. They may throw some of their ideas around but the Aquarian mom will always have the best ideas for the kiddos. Being unique is a gift for any Aquarian.

If you are the Aquarian mom, and your friends are jealous, well this is definitely why, and keep embracing your uniqueness at the same time.

1 Pisces - They Are Jealous Of How Compassionate You Are

Those who have a Pisces sun are very dreamy, creative, and may have their heads in the clouds but are extremely compassionate. A mom who has a Pisces sun will be the least likely to judge other moms, and will always find a way to put herself into their shoes even without being in their situation. She is clearly compassionate.

Whereas you may become annoyed if you for instance see a mother give into her tantruming kid at the store, your Pisces mommy friend will not judge her. She would see that the mom is very tired and giving into the tantruming child is the only way to keep her very bad day from getting worse. In fact, she may offer a helping hand.

This may also annoy you how your Pisces mom friend would be so compassionate when you only see a spoiled brat being even more indulged. You are more annoyed because you wish you could be more compassionate like that, even in situations that really do annoy you. Don’t kick yourself if it is not in your nature even though we all should be more empathetic and compassionate. However, the compassion from the Pisces is the rarest kind.

If you are the Pisces mom, and know that your friends are jealous of you- then this is why and you know not to be hard on them because you are very compassionate by nature.

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