This Is Why Women Have Dreams About Being Pregnant

If you definitely don't want to get pregnant yet you're still dreaming of pregnancy, before you freak out, be aware - pregnancy dreams do not always symbolize that you are about to get pregnant anytime soon.

After all, dreams are not prophetic. Rather, they are due to the umpteen factors running around in your subconscious mind.

According to experts, dreams related to either your pregnancy or someone else’s or dreams in which you experience the birth of a baby can symbolize a lot of things!

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You Are Overthinking Pregnancy

If you want to have a baby soon in your life, then these dreams are bound to consume you. But, when it's the other way round, you must be continually thinking of not having a baby.

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Perhaps you're dreading the thought of a potential pregnancy or having concerns about someone’s pregnancy. The point is that the topic is on the top of your mind and thus making you imagine it in your sleep.


So, what is a trigger? It can be anything – for some, it's food, nausea, or even a smell that reminds them of their pregnant days.

You might have experienced the trigger on that particular day, making your brain dredge up old memories. So, when you are sleeping, your brain might be still searching up some old memory.

Or It Can Be Something Else

Yes, pregnancy dreams can symbolize giving birth to something new – not necessarily a baby. Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D., author of The Committee of Sleep and a psychologist, says, "Pregnancy can be a metaphor for other kinds of creativity.”

These can symbolize a phase of your personal life that is growing and developing; it can be giving shape to a new idea, project, dream, direction, or goal.

According to Dr. Barrett, if you dream about breastfeeding a baby, by all probabilities this could also mean “nurturing” a new venture or goal. Or, on the other side, this could also refer to someone who is “sucking you dry,” like a friend who is taking up all of your emotional space or using you in other ways.

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Dreams Are A Mesh Of Emotions and Memories

Dr. Rafael Pelayo, MD, clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioural sciences at the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine says, “One of the things about dreams is that they’re loaded with emotions.”

In life, we experience a lot of things and form many memories – some we want to cherish and others we want to forget. Whatever it might be, these memories get tied to our emotions, and it becomes our brain's responsibility to do the filtering – what to remember and what not to.

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If you are afraid of your pregnancy dreams, look into your life, try to retrospect, and find out the pattern between your dreams and the real-life emotions – it might help you!

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