Why You're Not Happy About Your Friend's Pregnancy

Every woman has a best friend, and every girl has a best friend forever or BFF. Remember staying up until 3 a.m. in college just laughing and talking about all sort of things from boys, clothes, fashion trends, future husbands, and even having babies?

Well, you wouldn’t want your BFF to have a child before you, would you? Some women will do desperate things to get pregnant at the same time as their BFFs, but here's why it may not work.

15 Jealousy Takes the Better Part of Your Friendship

Let’s be honest, you don’t feel happy for your pregnant friend as you pretend to be. It’s normal, though no one likes it when their peer goes a step ahead and leaves them behind. You are guilty of giving that ugly baby name to your friend, aren’t you? Bad girl.

Or you called your best friend’s baby ugly behind her back! Anyway, this is human nature and totally normal. Of course, you will feel better when you have your own baby, but then what about in the meantime?

14 You Feel Betrayed

You have been trying to get pregnant for two years now, but you just can’t. Everyone including your best friend keeps telling you that you will have a baby as long as you keep trying, but you doubt that.

You feel betrayed when she tells you she might be pregnant. You wonder if there is a way you can tell her to wait for you so you can have babies at the same time. But sometimes, that just doesn't work.

13 Some People Take Desperate Measures

You and your best friend have been trying to get pregnant for some time now, but neither of you has been lucky enough. Like best friends do, you share your stories and emotionally support each other.

Your best friend tells you what her doctor advises in order to increase her chances, but because you fear she might get lucky before you, you lie about facts that are true--facts that you might as well have made up.

12 You Let It Get Into Your Head

After a long wait, your friend is lucky and she gets pregnant. You feel confused because you don’t know when your turn will come, or if it will ever come at all. Some women go to the extent of getting depressed. Yes, that is how serious it can get. Just know that everyone has their time and you should not let this bring you down.

11 The Blame Game Begins

How come I can’t get pregnant now and I had a baby in the first year of my previous marriage? It’s not me. These doctors could be all wrong. That's what you think to yourself.

Just because your best friend has become pregnant before you, and you hoped to sync your pregnancies, don’t blame it on your husband. And no, the doctors are not wrong.

10 Errr…Drugs, Anyone?

You might think to yourself, are we doing it long enough? Do we need to spend some more time trying? Maybe the doctors are wrong. My BFF is pregnant and I am not.

These thoughts lead some women to take desperate measures so they can get pregnant, like making their husbands take enhancement drugs without their knowledge which could result in adverse side effects. Ladies, NEVER do this to your man.

9 Misunderstandings Galore!

You just can’t get it why your friend is trying so hard to get pregnant at the same time with you. Can’t she just chill out and wait for her time? Well, you might have gotten it all wrong yourself. Maybe she just wants your babies to grow up together and become best friends like the two of you.

But how will you know all of this if you don't clear the misunderstandings between you two?

8 You Avoid the “Crowd”

When everyone seems to get pregnant, may it be at work or your friends, and you can’t seem to get pregnant yourself, you feel bad. You can’t balance the feeling of being happy for the pregnant person or feel sorry for yourself. Keep heart, your time will come.

7 You Hate All Those Stupid Questions

Whenever you are in the midst of people (mostly among couples expecting a baby or with a baby in the clinic), they keep asking you when you’re expecting a baby. And you hate it because it keeps getting onto your nerves. These people can’t understand the struggle of wanting a baby and you hate them for that.

6 You Get Very Anxious

After a long struggle and wait, you finally get the good news that you’re pregnant. Your BFF keeps trying but there’s no luck yet. This is when anxiety creeps in slowly and after a short while, you realize that it's strained your relationship with your friend. And that leads to more anxiety.

5 Self Pity Happens a Lot

You have always wanted to get pregnant at the same time with your best friend. Worst of it is that your friend has had two babies to date but you have not conceived yet. You feel very bad for yourself because why the hell not? It’s normal but then again, not very healthy if done for an extended period of time.

4 Mixed Feelings 24/7

When your close friends announce to you that they are pregnant, you feel happy for them and again you can’t help but get jealous because you take it personally. But then you begin to think you should get pregnant too and can’t understand why you can’t get pregnant at that moment. Well, you need to chill out with these mixed feelings!

3 You Take Desperate Measures

When all seems to go wrong and you have tried all things to have a child at least together with your friends, it’s time to take a bigger step. You seek traditional medicine, travel to India for Ayurvedic treatment, and spend all you can to get help. This means spending and borrowing from friends, family, and banks. And can you seriously afford to do that?

2 Taking All Kind of Weird Tests

After you realize that you can’t get pregnant and it's serious, you want to take all kinds of tests just to prove infertility. You believe it but you can’t accept. Maybe you just have to wait, hope and pray. People get lucky after ten years.

1 It Affects Your Friendship

You have waited for years and all your friends have had babies. But the worst part is that the bestie you wanted to sync your pregnancy with is now a mommy, while you aren’t. You can’t handle it anymore and you end up resenting your buddy for being a mommy. And exactly how long do you think you can keep that resentment inside you before it all comes out in the open? Because that’s when things begin to get messy.

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