Will Your Only Child Be Lonely?

Have you already decided to have only one child? Or are you on the fence, concerned that your only child will grow up to be lonely without any siblings? Here are some facts that might convince you having an only child isn’t such a bad thing after all.

14 Single Child Families on the Rise

Forty years ago, one-third of American families had just one child. Recent census data show that 43 percent of families have just one kid. That adds up to around 16 million single-child families (1 in 5 homes) in the U.S.

13 Raising a Child Is Expensive

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a middle-income family can expect to spend $235,000 to a raise one child to the age of 17. Imagine having 2, 3, or 4 children. You can calculate the cost for your family here.

12 Financial Burden May Be Lighter

This may make it easier for your family to travel, or to get involved with a wide variety of hobbies and extracurricular activities.

11 Easier on the Family

A lot of people feel like one child is just easier. Having one child means only one child to feed, clean up after, teach, and provide care. There would be only one kid to help with homework and science fairs. Only one kid’s schedule to follow. And also, only one child who can cry, scream, and throw temper tantrums.

10 Higher IQ

Research shows only children are likely to have better verbal skills and higher IQs, simply because their parents have more time to give them.

9 Only Kids Aren’t Bossy or Spoiled

According to research, most common myths about only children—that they’re selfish, bossy, and spoiled—haven’t panned out. Researchers have found that only children are no different socially from kids with siblings.

8 Parents Aren’t Pulled in Different Directions

Parents of only children can focus their full time and attention on parenting and raising one awesome kid

7 Favoritism Is Nonexistent

Only one child? Then, of course, they’re your favorite. You also don’t have to deal with complaints about a child getting to do things because they’re the oldest, or how the youngest gets treated like a baby.

6 More Quality Time With Adults

Including your only child in adult conversations and activities can improve vocabulary and allows you to model how to interact with other people in social settings.

5 Only Kids Are Creative

Only kids can be very creative because they learn to entertain themselves.

4 Only Kids Grow up to Be Confident

Only children don’t have to compete for attention at home, so they grow up with high self-esteem.

3 Only Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely

Arrange for play dates. Invite other kids over often. Have parties and sleepovers. Just because your only kid doesn’t have siblings, doesn’t mean they can’t be surrounded by kids their own age!

2 Only Children Are Happier

According to the Institute for Social and Economic research, half of the children surveyed in a recent studied admitted to being bullied by a sibling. One in three said they had been physically bullied regularly by a brother or sister. 

1 A Complete Family Is All That Matters

Are you Team One and Done? If you feel like your family is just right at three, and you’re happy, then that’s all that really matters.

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