William And Kate: 15 Things Their Body Language Says About Their Parenting

William and Kate seem so sweet, don't they? Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, have two adorable kids named George and Charlotte. Body language analysts recently evaluated William and Kate's movements and expressions, with a mind to figuring out what their body language says about their parenting skills.

The good news is that these body language gurus all feel that William and Kate are going the extra mile to give their two children the ultimate in nurturing.

Both parents offer emotional support, even when there are tons of people around and tons of pressure of them. They really seem to adore their kids.

Kate is a Capricorn. Capricorn women are ambitious, in control and quietly devoted to loved ones. Capricorns definitely care about public image, so Kate is a great partner for William. She hardly ever puts a foot wrong because her reputation means a lot to her. (She did get caught sunbathing topless on a private yacht, though!) A typical Capricorn will value family and tradition.

A lot of people think that William is a Gemini, but he's actually a Cancer. His late mother, Princess Diana, was a Cancer, too. Cancer is opposite Capricorn on the zodiac "wheel", which means that these two royals balance each other out perfectly.

Opposites often attract in astrology. Some don't make it long-term, but these two seem very compatible.

Since William is a Cancer, he's really into parenting. Both genders of Cancers are sensitive care-takers. I read an astrology book once that said that every Cancer man eventually ends up in the kitchen, making treats for his kids, and that this is what makes the Cancer man the happiest. Cancers also value tradition, including home and hearth.

Now, let's look at what the world's premier body language experts have to say about the way that William and Kate parent their kids...

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15 They Really Connect With Their Kids

Via PopSugar

Patti Wood is a body language guru who's written a book about the secret meaning of body language, as well as how to use body language to your best advantage. Her book is called, SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma. In her opinion, when William and Kate look straight into the eyes of their kids, the royal parents are showing a sincere desire to connect. This desire to bond is authentic and admirable.

Sometimes, Brown believes, this type of direct eye contact between parent and child is designed to show parental authority.

Frequently, Kate and William are in public situations with the kids, which means that the children need to be on their best behavior, because the whole world is watching. Moments of sustained eye contact (even if those moments last for just a minute or two) make it easier for the Prince and the Duchess to control their kids, because they're able to really connect with them.

14 Their Kids Are Priority One

Via Daily Mail

Getting down to eye level with little children is often the best way to relate to them...and Kate and William crouch down a lot. Body language experts feel that this is a very good sign. It means that their children are their number one focus.

Body language experts, including Traci Brown (author of, How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft: The Field Guide), feel that the frequency with which both Will and Kate get down to their kids' levels shows that their kids are their top priority. William and Kate want to have private little moments with them which are meaningful...even when chaos swirls around the whole family.

This is a good habit for parents from all walks of life to get into.

These loving parents always take the time to crouch (Kate often has to do it in very high heels, which surely makes it even less comfortable for her, but she still does it!) and share some words and/or eye contact with the kids.

Blue-blooded William and his gorgeous wife try to be good parents, even when there is a lot happening at special events. These events typically feature throngs of excited royal-watchers, as well as aggressive reporters and photographers.

13 They Use "Double Touch" To Show Love

Via Hello!

Sometimes, William and Kate touch their children at the same time. This is so reassuring for kids. For example, when one parent holds a small child and the other parent stands alongside them, and then places a hand on the child's back, it sends a message to a "little one" that he or she is so safe and protected, from both sides!

Touch is tangible and it shows love and protection that little boys and girls can feel and measure. It's easy for children to understand that a caring touch means love and safety. This is why it's so soothing to get love from Mom and Dad at the same time! Lucky George and Charlotte to get so much calming touch from their busy and glamorous parents.

If you want to make your son or daughter feel safe, you may want to borrow the royal couple's charming "double touch" parenting technique!

12 Kate Touches George's Hair To Shield Him

Via Good Housekeeping

Now and then, Moms groom their small children's hair, or just touch it to show a little love. Moms (and Dads, too, of course) may not realize that they are subconsciously rubbing their young son's and daughter's hair because they want to protect their little ones.

According to body language guru, Patti Wood, Kate touches George's pale locks because she's subconsciously trying to shield him from other people...perhaps photographers!

Wood believes that this particular behavior is also a care-taking action. It's yet another example of the stunning and willowy Duchess of Cambridge's devotion to her kids.

While Kate often seems like nothing more than a wealthy fashion plate who spends most of her time picking out clothes and taking care of her hair and complexion, she's much more than that. She's so beautiful that many people don't realize there is substance and intelligence (as well as a warm heart) underneath.

Body language experts see what so many people miss...

11 William Wants George To Feel Secure

Via Pinterest

It's cute how Prince William so often makes a little "seat" for his son, by placing one arm underneath the little prince and the other arm around George's waist. He supports all the tot's weight, so George can just relax and be happy.

Prince William also holds his son very close in other, more conventional ways. However, "the seat" is probably the most unique and fun pose.

According to body language expert, Patti Wood, carrying your child's weight will be one of the most effective ways to show that you care. It will make your little son or daughter feel so secure.

If you want a serene child who feels "blissed out" in your arms, be sure to support your child's weight completely. If you use William's "seat" hold, it will will allow your child to feel safe and secure, while also having the freedom to wiggle his or her arms and legs!

10 They Smile A Lot Because They Love Being Parents

Via Daily Mail

William and Kate have to smile when they are on duty. However, they tend to smile a lot when they're around their kids, even when they don't know that they are being photographed. According to body language experts, they smile so much because their children make them happy.

These two royals don't have a lot of same pressures that modern-day parents have. They can get a break from their kids whenever they want one. However, they seem to prefer being very hands-on and spending tons of time with their kids. Princess Diana was also into parenthood. She loved being with Prince William and Prince Harry.

It's so sad that Diana, the People's Princess, never got to see her grandchildren. However, William carries on her legacy of caring by lavishing his kids with affection. His smiles show that it's all a pleasure for him. Kate is just the same.

9 They're In Tune With The Kids

Via NY Daily News

Bianca Cobb knows body language inside and out and she says that William and Kate's body language shows that they are really in tune with their kids. There is a strong connection between the parents and their kids.

Sometimes, in royal families, this isn't always the case. Queen Elizabeth and Charles have had some problems, because they haven't always been in tune. This may be because Charles was the Queen's first child and she was still coming to terms with her father's death (which thrust her onto the throne), the change in lifestyle (she and Philip had more freedom before she became Queen) and her new royal duties.

Charles complained about his mother's "remote" parenting. It looks like George and Charlotte won't have the same complaints. These kids are getting lots of the right kind of attention from William and Kate.

8 Kate Is Extremely Protective Of Her Children

Via Daily Mail

Body language experts are unanimous that Kate shows protective body language. She is always displaying movements which show that she's there for her son and daughter. No matter how dressed up she is, she'll pick up the kids or crouch down to them. She'll provide a soothing touch and direct eye contact. She's always vigilant in terms of giving her children nurturing and support.

Experts see a lot of love in Kate's protective attitude towards her children. So do I. Also, the expressions on her children's faces when they are being held by her or chatting with her say it all. It's obvious that these kids feel relaxed and loved. They are able to express themselves while Mom watches over them. When the kids do have bad days, she's quite patient in terms of quietly soothing them, through close contact and caring expressions.

These kids are vulnerable because they're in the public eye. No one knows this better than Kate (and William, too). Kate may try harder because she knows the kids are under constant scrutiny.

7 William Helps George Feel Secure In New Situations

Via Good Housekeeping

Body language gurus feel that parents who lean over their kids are letting their children know that they are right there if they are needed. They are showing their kids that support and protection are always right there for the taking.

William often leans over George when the little boy is meeting new people. Prince William is providing a sense of security to his son. This helps George to feel safe as he shakes hands and gets to know strangers.

Prince William knows better than anyone what it's like to grow up royal and famous. He would have had to meet so many strangers as a child. He's probably very sensitive about soothing any anxiety that George may feel. He leans over to let George know that Daddy is standing by. His body language shows that he wants to help his son.

Traci Wood is a body language expert and she feels that William is offering assistance to George in situations where the young tot may feel a bit uncertain. William seems like a great Dad.

6 William Is Crazy About Kate And The Kids

Via Just Jared)

William is clearly crazy about his kids. He cuddles them, plays with them and smiles at them. You don't need to be a body language specialist to see that his children bring him joy and fulfillment. However, according to body language, guru, Judy James, Prince William is also a happy husband who is crazy about his wife!

Judy James says that William tends to mirror Kate's body language when they are together. This is a sign of love and closeness. She feels that William has a sense of awe for his wife.

Also, Kate is very responsive to changes in William's body language. James' notices that Kate is conscious of any awkwardness on her husband's part and usually springs into action, by doing something to make him laugh and relax, or mimicking his self-conscious body language, so that it doesn't stand out as much.

This couple really have each other's backs and this is good news for the kids. When Mom and Dad are in love, they bring that happiness to their children, too. It's positive energy that the kids can feel.

5 Kate's Body Language Shows More Confidence Than William's

Via Pinterest

Kate told Vanity Fair that she occasionally lacks confidence when it comes to being a Mom. However, body language experts find that her movements tend to show more confidence than William's do, whether she's with her children or alone, or out and about with William!

This may mean that she wears the (metaphorical) pants in the family, even when she's donned a designer dress, rather than a pair of jeans or tailored trousers! There are body language specialists who feel that she may well lead her family, even though William is the future King of England.

Body language specialists know that there are sure signs of confidence. If you don't show these signs, including good posture, direct eye contact, hands out of pockets, zero fidgeting and excellent grooming, try to emulate the oh-so-pretty Duchess of Cambridge.

The next time that you venture out, with the kids or your partner or by yourself, pretend to be Kate and avoid body language pitfalls which may make you appear self-conscious. Stand up straight, keep your eyes forward, etc.

Also, smile. Kate is almost always smiling.

4 They Are Kind, But Firm When They Have to Be

Via Pinterest

Little kids throw tantrums. They are too young to control themselves when they are stressed or feel thwarted. If you were a royal at a public event, how would you handle it when your tot had a meltdown? It's bad enough when a tantrum happens at a mall or on the street, without it happening at a formal event where everyone has showed up to look at you and your kid(s)!

William and Kate have to deal with tantrums sometimes. George earned the nickname, "Noisy" from William and Kate, because he tends to get loud, and not always in a good way. Charlotte also has days when she gets mad, or falls down and hurts herself.

When the kids freak out, these parents stay calm. They get very close, look right at the kids and talk to them. They use body language and speech to soothe the kids. The way that William and Kate handle public tantrums is something to respect. It must bring a world of stress when their kids melt down in front of everyone.

3 Kate Mothers William, Too

Via Express

Body language expert Judi James has been analyzing William and Kate's body language for years. She says that Kate has always mothered William, even before the couple got married.

Now, Kate has three people to mother, rather than just one!

James feels that William and Kate both experience nervousness and anxiety sometimes, especially when they are being interviewed. She sees clear signs that both try to please, and feel tense. However, overall, James finds that William is more prone to body language which displays anxiety. Kate is more likely to show body language which displays her strong sense of self.

Usually, in a relationship, one person does tend to shield the other a little bit. While it may seem natural for William to play that part and protect Kate, who was once a "commoner", Judi James thinks that Kate is mothering William, George and Charlotte. She's soothing her family and doing a good job of it, too!

2 What About Prince George's Body Language?

Via Mashable

Body language master, Judi James, has already weighed in on the body language of little Prince George, who is in line for the throne. According to her analysis, George's body language shows that he's sociable, with a personality that's quite powerful.

Also, she finds that the tot's body language shows more maturity than you'd expect to see at his age.

She also believes that George enjoys the spotlight.

If this body language stuff is true, it's probably helpful that George likes the limelight, as he's never likely to be out of the limelight! For the rest of his life, everything that he does, both good and bad, it going to be recorded and discussed and analyzed to death. There is no way around it.

His future power and position, as well as his glam and adorable parents, make him a lightning rod for publicity and controversy. Right now, he's little and cute and people are nice. Later on, they are going to be harder on him.

This is why it's so great that his parents are so loving. They are a strong safety net for him.

1 What About Princess Charlotte's Body Language?

Via Hello Magazine

Charlotte is still very little, so a lot hasn't been said about her body language to date. Her personality is still being formed and William and Kate's parenting will help her develop into her full potential. However, royal-watcher and body language expert, Judi James, has noticed a striking resemblance between Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth II.

When you compare photographs of both royals around the same age, there is definitely resemblance, in terms of features, coloring and expressions.

Time will tell if toddler Charlotte becomes a carbon copy of the Queen.

Daughters of very beautiful mothers (Kate, the Duchess of Cornwall is super-beautiful) sometimes don't get the same ravishing beauty that their Moms have. At this point, it's hard to say if Charlotte will look just like her Mom or go on to resemble the Queen (as Judi James and a lot of others think she will).

I'm sure she'll turn into a lovely young lady, no matter who she looks like. When you receive a lot of love, like she does from William and Kate, you learn how to love others and giving love is what real beauty is all about.

Sources: Good Housekeeping, Daily Mail, Express

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