10 Enticing Baby Names For Wine Lovers

Parents can look in many places when it comes to deciding on a baby name. Wine enthusiasts will love this list because we’ve created a compilation of monikers inspired by all things related to wine. From our favorite brands to terms that would impress the most professional sommelier, these names are top-notch.

Although, a person doesn’t have to be an expert to appreciate these options. Whatever your taste may be, these names range from super sweet to strong and bold choices.

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10 Sherry

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Looking to give your daughter a wine-inspired name that is a bit more mainstream? Sherry would be a great option. This moniker was taken from the fortified Spanish wine but we think that it’s a lovely name for a girl. It was popular in the 1960s so it’s a classic beauty.

Sherry is a French name and is a variation of the alternative, Cheri. We really like the idea of letting everyone know how much you love the essence of this wine by using the "Sherry" spelling. Rather you like it dry or sweet, this name is full of flavor.

9 Brix

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Brix would be an adorable name for a little guy. This unique moniker pays tribute to the wine industry in a subtle way. It’s a way to measure the alcohol content in wine by identifying the sugar content of the grapes. We love this clever nod and hope that you will too.

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It’s an English name that could be a diminutive of the surname, Brixton. Although, we prefer the one-syllable casual feel to Brix. This one is so distinctive that it hasn’t seen much action on the charts and isn’t one that you’ll find on popular name lists that often.

8 Chianti

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If you have discerning taste and enjoy dry wine, then you will fall in love with the name Chianti for your little girl. This rare moniker pays tribute to the wine that comes from the region of Tuscany, Italy. We can’t get over the exotic and sophisticated feel to this one and just had to add it to this list.

Chianti is a name of Italian origin and is inspired by a red table wine. Your daughter will feel so classy with a name as special as this. Floral, smoky, and robust, Chianti is a moniker that everyone will admire.

7 Dom

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Parents who have a penchant for expensive bottles of spirits will want to claim the name Dom for their little boy. Inspired by the luxury brand, Dom Pérignon, this moniker has a prestigious feel that is totally undeniable. It also gets points for being such an uncommon option.

Dom is a Latin name that means belonging to the Lord. Despite the deep and spiritual meaning behind it, we love the high-class association with the vintage champagne. Timeless, bubbly, and bold, Dom is one of those names that will make everyone stop and look twice when your son enters the room.

6 Gavi

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Gavi is a stunning name that wine-lovers will be attracted to. This one was inspired by the white wine that comes from the Northwest region of Italy, Cortese di Gavi. It’s another intriguing nod that is a bit less obvious. Although, connoisseurs will instantly know the significance of this moniker.

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It’s a Hebrew name that means God is my strength and is the shortened version of the more formal name, Gabriella. It would be just right for parents who want to give their daughter a name with a beautiful meaning but also want to pay tribute to their appreciation for wine.

5 Nero

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Do you love Italian red wine? If so, you won’t want to pass up the next name on this list. Nero is a one-of-a-kind moniker that was taken from Nero d'Avola, which is a grape that is found in Sicily, Italy. It’s a peppery wine that has a bold flavor.

Nero is actually a Latin name that means stern. We love that has such a powerful meaning and also fits in well within this collection of baby names for wine-lovers. Although, it’s also connected to the notorious Roman Emporer of the same name. Don’t let that deter you from choosing this amazing name.

4 Rosé

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Rosé would be a dainty name for a little girl. Why not be inspired by a glass of pink wine for your daughter? It offers a fun twist to the more common name, Rose. Flower names are very trendy these days but this one seems to be one step ahead of the rest.

It would also be the perfect name for a girl born in the summer since Rosé is typically enjoyed during the warmer seasons. We love that it has such a feminine vibe and hope that it can soon find a well-deserved place on the charts.

3 Demi

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Another name that will satisfy the taste of every wine enthusiast is Demi. This moniker is derived from the term, Demi-Sec, which is a term that designates the flavor of a medium-sweet wine. Choosing this one for your daughter will show off your wine IQ to the world.

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Demi is a Greek name that means half. Of course, it was first made famous by the actress, Demi Moore and later brought back into the spotlight by the singer, Demi Lovato. We think that it’s a sassy name that is just waiting for a wine aficionado to pluck it up for their little girl.

2 Brandy

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Brandy is a spunky name that would be a good option for the daughter of wine-buffs. This one was really popular in the 1980s so it has a slightly retro feel to it. You could totally bring it back in style because we think that Brandy deserves another chance to have a day in the sun.

It’s a Dutch name that means burnt wine. A famous person with this moniker is the singer, Brandi Carlile. We can appreciate the alternate spelling but the original spelling of Brandy will always have a place in our hearts. You’d be wise to pick this one.

1 Chardonnay

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Chardonnay is a name that only the most dedicated wine-devotee would choose for their daughter. We think that it would be so cute for a blonde girl since it was inspired by white wine. This one just seems to roll off the tongue and sounds so lovely.

It’s a French name that originally came from eastern France. According to Names.org, only 638 babies have been given the name Chardonnay in the United States from the years 1880 to 2017. This just means that your little girl will be original if you choose to give her this moniker.

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