10 Beautiful Winter Inspired Baby Names

It’s that time of the year again! Stores are being filled with gorgeous trees and decorations and people are already starting a countdown for Christmas. The air is becoming cool and crisp and some people might have already seen the first flurry of the season! Other people (with a winter due date) might be busy searching the net and trying to find the perfect winter-inspired baby name.

When it comes to picking out a baby name, women tend to put a lot of time, effort and thought (rightfully so) into finding the perfect name for their little bundle of joy. When choosing a baby name people typically want something that’s original, not very well known, and meaningful. In this article we will be going over the top 10 winter-inspired baby names, the meaning behind them, and what makes them so desirable to have.

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10 Noelle

Noelle is a gorgeous girl’s name that literally means Christmas in French, so it really doesn't get much more winter-inspired than this. The name Noelle is not very commonly used, making it that much more special. Although, it has been gaining popularity over the past five years. If you are looking for a gender-neutral name, this name, unfortunately, would not be a good fit.

However, one could consider using Noel as the male version of this name, making it an easy choice for when you find out the gender of your baby.

9 Elsa

This next name is not only winter-inspired, but Disney inspired as well. From the Disney movie, Frozen, Elsa is a name fit for a winter princess to be. This name, of course, had a spike in usage after the Frozen movie was released, but its popularity has been declining since; making it a somewhat rare name to hear these days.

Not only is this name beautiful, but it’s also short, both easy to spell and pronounce, and doesn't require a nickname, which makes it the perfect name for a beautiful winter born baby girl.

8 Holly

Holly saw its highest use back in the 1970s, as reported by Behindthename.com. It is another simple yet sweet winter-inspired name that any little girl to be would be lucky to have. Holly was a name given to less than 500 babies per one million babies born in the year 2018, according to Behindthename.com, making it more of a rarity.

This name is derived from that of the holly tree, a tree that is stiff and glossy with red berries on it which was typically used for as a Christmas tree or used for Christmas wreaths. This, of course, would make the name Holly a perfect fit for any female winter baby to have.

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7 Snow

When it comes to beautiful winter-inspired baby names, Snow is one that everyone should consider when choosing a baby name for their little one. Not only is this a gorgeous name that is gender-neutral, but it also doesn't get much more winter-inspired than this! This name would be especially good for a baby born with blonde or white hair, as it would be very fitting.

It’s also short enough that it doesn’t require a nickname, and it is also super easy to pronounce and spell, which makes things a bit easier when it’s time for your child to start school!

6 Lucia

Belonging to the Swedish Saint of Christmas, the name Lucia is a beautiful baby girl name that will be sure to grab people’s attention and earn you some compliments.

Similar to the name Lucy, the name Lucia peaked in popularity in the year 2017 when it was used approximately 1,657 times per one million births, according to Behindthename.com. Some celebrities with this name that are worth mentioning are, actress and singer Lucia Mendez, professional boxer Lucia Rijker, and singer Lucia Popp, all iconic people that any child would love to share a name with.

5 Ember

Thinking of winter, one would usually think of snow, lights, decorations, Christmas, and of course, warming up by a nice toasty fire. It’s the perfect name to represent winter and those sweet times of sitting by an open fire, would, of course, be Ember.

Ember is a gender-neutral name that fewer than 1550 females in the United States have today, according to Behindthename.com, making it not only a gorgeous name to have, but a really rare one as well. Being able to call someone with the name Ember Em for short just makes having this name that much more desirable.

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4 Juniper

When taking Winter inspired names into consideration, you certainly won’t want to leave this next one out. Juniper is Latin in origin and meaning youth producing or evergreen and deriving from the Juniper tree in English.

This is a pretty name that can be given to both males and females, making it an easy choice when selecting baby names. Being able to call anyone with this name June or Ju for short, makes it a simple yet creative name that not many would think of or that many people even have today.

3 Garnet

Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January, and it also doubles as an adorable name for any baby girl. This name is a little more unheard of, making it something no one is likely to stumble across very often in life.

The name Garnet is derived from the Middle English word, gernet meaning dark red, which everyone knows to be a typical Christmas/winter color. Garnet would be a fantastic name to give to a little girl born with beautiful red hair, and she could even be called net for short.

2 Nicholas

It really just does not get much more Winter inspired than Nicholas! Using the name Nick for short, this name is most commonly known to be derived from good old Saint Nick (Santa Claus) himself.

This is a masculine name and a very common one at that, so if originality is what you are going for then this might not be the right baby name choice. Some well-known celebs that your baby could share this name with are, actor Nicolas Cage, Jonas brother Nick Jonas, or even the ever so popular Nick Cannon.

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1 Frost

Imagine having a name as cool as Frost! Nothing screams winter quite like this name, and it is another very original unheard of name that would make for one seriously cool kid. This name, however, is typically only known to be used as a surname.

With people naming their kid’s things like Apple and Abcde though, there really is no harm in giving a child a name as cool as this one. A name like this is surely going to receive a lot of attention and compliments because of its creativity.

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