10 Facts About Child Support In Wisconsin

As much as we dream that we will find that one person to settle down and create a family with, life doesn't always happen like that. There are times when after being with someone, even after having a child together, as a couple you two just do not work out. There is nothing wrong with splitting up if it is best for you and your family. But you when start thinking about child support, it can make any parent anxious. With every state having different child support laws, things can get confusing fast. But if you are in Wisconsin, then you need to keep reading to learn ten facts about child support in that state.

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10 Either Parent Can Receive Child Support

When people think of child support, many people only assume that a mother can receive it. This is not true, since any parent can receive child support. Child support is based on what the court decides and there are many factors they consider. They look at how much income each parent earns, who has the majority of custody, and of course what the child's needs are.

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9 The More Children, The Higher Percent You Pay

Child support can be difficult to guess how much you are going to have to pay or raise before the court makes a final decision on the payment. But FindLaws.com states that if you have more children, you are going to be paying more for child support. This is because the money for child support needs to be able to help the children get items for their everyday lives. This means that each child is going to get accounted for when the payment amount is decided by the court.

8 Child Support Is Not The Same As Visitation Rights

Child support and custody are two different things that the court decides on. According to TheFitzgeraldLawFirm.com, just because a parent pays child support does not mean that they instantly get visitation rights. Some parents can only see their child with supervised visits and the money you pay for those supervised visits does not come out of the child support you are paying; those are two completely separate things. So if you are looking for visitation rights, do not bring it up in court when talking about child support.

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7 You Don’t Need To Be Married To Receive Child Support

A myth that many think is true is that only married people who got a divorce have to pay child support. This is not true by any means. If you and someone else welcomed a child into this world together, it is both of your responsibilities to be financially supportive of your child. So even if you were just dating someone and had a child together, then you may be responsible for paying child support if you end up breaking up.

6 Even If A Parent Gets Remarried, There Is Still Child Support

Another myth that many people believe is that if a person gets remarried they will not have to pay child support. VeryWellFamily.com mentions that the only way a person does not have to pay child support after their ex gets remarried is if the new partner adopts your child and you give up your parental rights in court. But if you do end up giving up your parental rights, just know you won't have a say about visitations and the child's growth and development.

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5 You Can Challenge The Amount Of Child Support

Many people think that once a child support payment is decided in court, that amount will never change. DivorceNet.com states that there can be changes in child support for many reasons. This could be due to an increase or decrease in pay, if the child has medical issues, travel expenses or if anything else unexpected costs more. Make sure you make a mental note that the child support can change depending on your child's needs. So do not think that this one decision is the final say.

4 Child Support Should Cover The Basics

The first thing that people wonder about child support is what is the money I give going to? According to FindLaws.com, child support money goes to covering the basic needs of a child. This can be anything from helping to pay for rent, water or electricity. Child support also covers clothes and food for the child.

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3 Child Support Can Come Straight Out Of Your Paycheck

Child support can be paid in a few ways. A person can pay online, put the money into a specific bank account, but there are even times when child support payments can come straight out of a person’s paycheck. Wisconsin.gov states that if a person ends up missing too many child support payments, then the court can rule to make it so that it comes right out of that person’s paycheck. This means that you will not see that money at all except fro,m the deduction on your paycheck.

2 Child Support May Continue Until They Are 19

If you are paying child support, you might be thinking that once your child turns 18 then you are done and do not have to make any more payments. But, TheFitzgeraldLawFirm.com mentions that in the state of Wisconsin, if a child is still in high school at the age of 18 or 19 then the child support payments for that specific child can be ruled that the parent keeps making them until graduation. If you are unsure about if you are going to have to make more payments, it is best to talk to a lawyer so you are getting the right information.

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1 It’s Best To Talk To A Lawyer If You Have Specific Questions

With the question of child support being so different per case, if you are unsure or have any specific questions about it, then you need to hire and talk to a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer is going to be the best thing if you do not know child support laws in your state. Lawyers are there to help you navigate through the courts and get to an agreement that hopefully makes everyone happy. Start looking online to see what lawyer is going to be best for you and your child support case.

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