Wisconsin Measles Concerns Rise As 50 000 Kids Remain Unvaccinated During Worst Outbreak In Decades

Despite the overwhleming evidence that exists about just how good and helpful they are, people are still against vaccines. Thanks to misinformation being spread both on and off the internet by all the wrong people, parents across the United States and abroad continue to not vaccinate their kids properly. Some will vaccinate them on a schedule that differs from the reccomended schedule, but many more simply choose to keep their kids unvaccinated. The consequences of this are plentiful, as evidenced time and time again.

More recently it's come to light that 50 000 unvaccinated kids are in Wisconsion despite the worst measles outbreak in almost 30 years. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that the U.S. is in the midst of its biggest measles outbreak in the aforementioned amount of time. There were 1234 measles cases reported as of August 29th, 2019 across 31 states. This is a dramatic increase from the just 19 cases that were reported the previous week.

This scary realization has parents, teachers and other school faculty preparing for a massive vulnerability in school systems all across the state. More recent couty-by-county immunization rates looked at the percentages of both five-year-olds and six-year-olds that received at least two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (more commonly known as the MMR vaccine). It was discovered that not one county in the U.S. reached the crucial 92 percent threshold that's said to be necessary for effective herd immunity. Worse, forty out of the 72 counties had immuzation rates that are below 80 percent.

via Medical News Today


The reason Wisconsion is seen as one of the worst offenders is due in large part to the so-called "personal conviction" waiver. This allows parents to opt their children out of vaccines on the basis of family beliefs and religious exemptions. Wisconsin is one out of just 18 states that allow these personal convication waivers as an excuse to keep their children from being vaccinated. While the use of waivers for medical-related reasons hasn't increased or decreased much, personal conviction waivers continue to significantly rise.

In response to this revelation, State Representative Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh proposed legislation back in May of this year to eliminate personal conviction waivers. He noted the continuing decline in herd immunity as his reasoning for his proposal. It's clear that Representative Hintz feels strongly about having more children vaccinated despite their parents' objections all across Wisconsion.

While this is certainly a great step in the right direction, it isn't going to keep some people from not wanting to vaccinate. There are still going to be many who believe that vaccines cause autism and many more health problems. All that can be done is to try and educate people on the truth of the matter while working hard to get more children properly vaccinated.

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