Woman Abandoned In Trash As Baby Searches For Rescuers 36 Years Later

A woman who was found abandoned in a dumpster as a baby is now hoping to reach out to the Good Samaritans that saved her almost four decades ago.

It was January of 1983 when Amanda Jones was discovered in an Atlanta garbage bin, Yahoo News reports. As they were unable to immediately identify her, the staff at the hospital began calling her Jan Winter, an ode to the month and season she was born.

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Now Amanda is making headlines for the second time in her life, but for a much happier reason. She would love to personally thank the individuals that found her and brought her to the hospital all those years ago. She’s reached out to the media in hopes that her rescuers will come forward.

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Amanda said she was prompted to reach out after seeing the story of a baby girl, now named India, who was abandoned in a plastic bag on the side of a road last June. “I immediately felt connected to that baby,” she explained.

The baby was luckily found to be in healthy condition upon being taken to the hospital. After the news made national headlines, over 1,000 families came forward wanting to adopt the baby. As of now, it is believed India has been placed with a foster family as she waits to be permanently adopted.

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Now that she’s a mother of three herself, 36-year old Amanda says she could never imagine leaving a child in such conditions. "I can't imagine being the person who found a baby, not knowing all these years what happened to that baby and I want them to know I have led a wonderful life,” she explained.

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Amanda, who was adopted as an infant after her rescue, has never made contact with her birth parents. While she says she has forgiven her biological mother for abandoning, she added she has no interest in having a relationship with them, which is why she feels no pressure to find them.

As of now, Amanda is on the right path to finding her rescuers. After her interview aired on 11Alive News, now-retired Fulton County Detective Joyce Vaughn, who previously worked on the case, got in touch with Amanda. The former detective is now using her connections to discover who else worked on the case in order to put them in touch with Amanda.

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