Woman And Her Wife Share Pregnancy Journey Together And Deliver Two Days Apart

Mississippi woman and her wife were pregnant at the same time and then they gave birth only two days apart.

Renee and Anna McInarnay met each other when they were teens in Mississippi. They began dating and they later got married. Although they were a same-sex couple they both wanted desperately to be mothers. They decided that they were going to try for a family. They drove to Audubon Fertility in New Orleans where they both planned to be inseminated.  Anna was told that she was very healthy and that she had a very good chance of having the pregnancy "stick." However, Renee was told that her situation was a bit different and that it would be hard for her to become pregnant due to a hormonal disorder called polycystic ovary syndrome.

Although they were hesitant they both decided to go through with the procedure. The women remember vividly when they were told that they were both pregnant. They began jumping, screaming and hugging. They said that they would never forget the feeling they had when they found out that they were pregnant. They loved being pregnant at the same time, and the women went viral when they shared their maternity pictures.

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On October 13th Renee delivered their first baby, Emma Reese McInarnay, in a Hattiesburg hospital.  Two days after Emma was born, Renee took her to the hospital to be with Anna. Anna then gave birth to their second child, Avonlea Grace McInarnay on October 15th.

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When Renee and Anna became pregnant they weren't planning on sharing their journey with the world, because they were afraid about how people would react to their situation. They were so excited about their news and so they didn't want anybody to put a damper on their happiness. After much thought, they decided to be proud of their pregnancies and share their pictures. Their news went viral and Renee and Anna were very surprised by the reactions of their new followers. Their followers were very supportive and encouraging. The women feel very blessed to have given birth to two beautiful healthy baby girls.

Renee and Anna said that having two little newborns at home is very difficult and they have flipped their lives upside down. They are new moms and they are trying to figure out the whole parenthood thing. Their first task is trying to get the two little ladies on some sort of a schedule. Like almost every other newborn, the babies aren't sleeping very well.

We want to congratulate the women on the birth of their beautiful babies! We are so excited for you two!

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