Indiana Woman Arrested After Being On Meth When Her Baby Died

Trigger: Mention of child neglect & death of a child.

There are too many women out there who just shouldn't be mothers. Sometimes it's because the woman in question doesn't have the proper means to care for their child. But the hard truth is that some mothers are just neglectful of their children. That can then lead to making a poor decision that ends up having fatal consequences.

In Anderson, Indiana, a woman has been arrested after being on methamphetamine when her baby died. The mom has been identified as 34-year-old Samantha Madore, though her one-month-old daughter remains unnamed in the media.

It was back on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 when Madore called emergency services to have them come to her home because her baby wasn't breathing. According to court documents, they arrived at about 5 AM local time to see that her claims were true. The infant was taken to the hospital, only to be declared dead not even an hour later. Her death was found to be from "sudden unexplained infant death with contributing cause of bed sharing in an unsafe sleep environment". However, the official cause of death has been listed as undetermined.

In an interview with police on Monday, October 7th, 2019, Madore said that she fell asleep in bed with her infant daughter beside her. But when she woke up, she saw that her baby was unresponsive right beside her. Madore promptly called 911, but then said that she doesn't remember what she then did with her child. She pointed out that she also doesn't remember plenty of things from that night.

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On the same day of her daughter's death, the Department of Child Services obtained a drug screen from Madore. It was discovered that she had tested positive for meth. When she had another drug screen just two days later, she tested positive for meth again.

Despite this, Madore denies having used meth. She claims that she had been around the drug and even touched it, but still didn't use it. But there are two issues with this claim. First, Madore had previously been arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, dealing in methamphetamine and possession of syringe back in October if 2018. Second, one investigator said that meth isn't known to be absorbed into one's skin.

"Samantha Madore knowingly placed her infant child in a situation that endangered the child’s life while having Methamphetamines within her system," he wrote in his probable cause.

As a result, Madore has been arrested and charged with Level 1 neglect of dependent resulting in death. It appears that she's still in jail, and it's unknown if she has a bond or if she's retained a lawyer. Our thoughts are with her deceased baby girl.

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