Woman Becomes Pregnant After Major Loss Thanks To IVF. Wow!

Michelle Clark has dealt with a lot of loss already at the age of 32. She lost her husband to cancer and both her twins, due to being born premature, in the span of 4 months. However, today is a good day and she is thankful.

One thing she knew for sure, was that she would not let her husband death stop their dream of having children. She has now given birth to her son Max who, thanks to IVF, she was able to conceive using her husbands sperm which was kept frozen. She said: ‘I had lost my fiance and my twins such a short time. My only consolation was that Karl would be there to look after our two angels in heaven. ‘I’d clung to that hope that I would have something of Karl left, now that had been taken away from me too.’ When her husband was first diagnosed, he froze sperm because treatment would affect his fertility, when he loss his battle to cancer at 27 years, he did not know that he left a beautiful gift behind for Michelle. 

Miss Clark said: ‘It was such an emotional moment when he was born, I just wished Karl had been there to meet his son. He would have been so proud of him.

‘He’s doing really well now and he’s so like Karl - he’s the spitting image of him. And when he’s old enough I will tell him all about his daddy and what a special person he was.’

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