Mother-To-Be Believes Her Mother-In-Law Attempted To 'Poison' Her At Her Own Baby Shower

Every married woman or man has a mother-in-law story. Sometimes a mother-in-law showers her child’s spouse with the same love and affection that she bestows on her own kids. Other times, the aversion is so apparent, it makes it hard for her to be in the same room as her son- or daughter-in-law.

Such is the case of one woman on Reddit who has an evil mother-in-law story for the ages. Recently, at her baby shower, the mother-in-law, who was put in charge of the food, decided to ignore her daughter-in-law’s serious gluten allergy and placed an order for gluten-filled Italian food, believing that her son’s wife didn’t actually have an allergy.

"Of course, what she wanted was Italian," the mother-to-be wrote on Reddit. "Now, this would be fine except I have a severe gluten allergy and the catering place she ordered from did not have gluten-free options."

After finding out that none of the food would be gluten-free, the woman’s sister asked her own mother to make a gluten-free lasagna for her sister. "Crisis averted, right?" the woman continued. Think again.

The mother-in-law also failed to inform her friends of the gluten allergy and asked them to bring their own treats, leaving the mother-to-be without dessert as well. "Why would I eat cake at my own baby shower, right?" she mused.

Once again, her sister stepped in. "My sister went out and bought a gluten-free cake, one that was decorated to fit our fox theme (the other cake had horses)," she wrote. "So, to recap, my MIL ordered food and arranged a cake for my baby shower that, had I eaten any, would have placed [my baby] in serious jeopardy."

"At the time, I thought all of this was just thoughtlessness, her doing things that made sense solely from her perspective," she added. Recently, however, she has learned a much more disturbing truth after her husband told her that he’d asked his mother "not to poison" his wife’s food. "Apparently she didn't believe I actually had an allergy and was 'joking' that she'd sprinkle some in just to see my reaction," she wrote. "My SO told her that if she did that we'd move across the country and go permanently [without contact].

"He also asked her how she'd react if he started joking about putting cyanide into her horse's food, which actually got her to stop and think," she added. The woman now wonders if the baby shower was in fact an attempt to deliberately poison her. Needless to say, commenters on Reddit were furious.

"Don't ever eat anything she prepared or even had a chance to touch," one user wrote. "How does your Dear Husband feel about taking his mom to court if she poisons you? That's what will need to happen after you recover from your ER visit, because it's LITERALLY PREMEDITATED, so I hope he's up to the task."

"The thing that strikes me as particularly horrible is that not only was she willing to poison you, but to do it while you were pregnant!" another added. "Seriously, if your LO has any food allergies, never, ever leave them alone with her, and don’t allow your LO to eat at her house."

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"I think after hearing this, I would never eat anything she served or prepared," a third user wrote. "Period."

Others believed she should go one step further and cut off all contact. "She threatened you with attempted murder/poisoning," user wrote. "She is gone bye-bye. She never sees you or your kid again."

"I would stay away or have minimal contact," another commented. "If LO has an allergy, would she 'sprinkle' some into his food as well? If she was willing to risk your life and your unborn baby's life, then what other dumb stunts would she pull? Hell naw!!"

The mother-to-be updated the post, mentioning that she had distanced herself from her mother-in-law, but her husband is afraid to cut the cord.

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