This Woman Was Able To Breastfeed The Child She Adopted

A mother who adopted all four of her children decided that she was going to nurse her adopted child.

One mother shares her adoption journey. The woman and her husband always wanted to have children, but they didn't want to have biological children due to them both have auto-immune disorders. When people say things like "why don't you have your own children?" She responds by saying, "they are our own children." This woman shared that she has adopted four children in the last 8 years. People have asked her a lot about whether or not she missed out on being pregnant. Many friends and family have made comments about her missing out seeing the ultrasound, feeling the baby kick, finding out the gender and everything fun that happens with being pregnant. However, she didn't feel like she missed out on being pregnant. She didn't feel like she missed out on feeling the aches, pains, people asking rude questions, and constantly feeling bloated and tired. She did miss one thing about having biological kids and that was being able to breastfeed.

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The woman shares that she grew up around women who breastfed. Her mother breastfed, her aunts and cousins all breastfed and without covers. She was constantly surrounded by it and she always just thought she would feed her babies the same way. When she chose to adopt she knew she would be missing out on something that she had always wanted to do which was to breastfeed her children. When she was waiting for her first baby she came across a book called Breastfeeding the Adopted Baby and Relactation and she was very interested. Was there really a way that she could adopt a baby and breastfeed them?


After reading this book from cover to cover she learned that if she followed some protocols that she could potentially be able to breastfeed without actually ever being pregnant before. The woman learned that she needed to get on a couple of medications that would encourage lactation. She also wanted to go on certain supplements that would help her lactate. The woman also learned that in order to ever have a chance to lactate she would need to start pumping on a schedule. She would have to continue doing that until the baby arrived in order to create enough to feed the baby.

The woman wasn't presented with open arms and open-mindedness when she went to her appointment. She went to the first appointment and the nurse just looked at her weird. Then she went to another appointment with her endocrinologist and the doctor said, "I didn't think that was possible." And then she quickly changed the subject. She left the second appointment feeling very discouraged and she dropped the idea. Then months went by and she adopted her first child. When she was about to adopt their third she began pumping. While she was pumping a couple of drops came out on one side and it brought her a little bit of hope.

One day she decided to try to nurse her sweet little boy. Her son really was okay with the idea. In fact, he seemed to calm down. She would nurse him for a couple of seconds at a time and then it would get longer and longer. She nursed him for as long as she could and she loved every minute of it. Many people were confused by why she chose to do that, but she loved it. It was such a special bond that she had with her son. It was one of the most magical moments and she was so grateful that she did that.

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