Post Goes Viral Stating That Moms Who Delivered Via C-Section ‘Ain’t Really Moms'

A Facebook post claiming women who give birth via c-section aren't real moms has understandably gotten the internet a little hot under the collar.

When preparing for the birth of a child, especially if it's their first, many women will likely seek out the advice of those who have been through it before. That can be helpful for obvious reasons, but also a little confusing and maybe even scary. That's because every single woman's birth is different, and they rarely go to plan.

In an ideal world, most women will have the perfect birth plan written out and it will all go exactly as they have envisioned it. Sadly, that doesn't always happen. Women might need drugs that they don't necessarily want, and doctors may need to intervene for the good of both the mom and the baby. The end result could even be an emergency c-section.

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Most moms don't want to have a c-section as that method of giving birth can be a pretty terrifying prospect. However, sometimes they are medically necessary in order to save the lives of mom and/or baby. That's why a recent post by someone who has clearly never needed to have a c-section has got the internet up in arms.

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As you can see above, the poster claims if a woman gives birth via c-section, then they are technically not that child's mother. An interesting and frankly baffling take. They go on to write "hand it back to the dad and go on about your business" before asking their followers to "tag a mom who ain't really a mom!" As you might have already guessed, moms who did need to have c-sections have been replying in forced on Reddit.

The replies to the comment range from amusing to quite upsetting. Some posters joke that they have awkward conversations ahead of them, having to explain to their kids that they aren't really their mom. Others explain that had they not given birth via c-section, they and their babies probably wouldn't be here today. We didn't think a c-section was something you needed to have happen to you in order to understand and empathize with others who have had it happen to them, but clearly, for some people, it is.

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