Things You Should Never Say To A Woman Who Is Struggling To Conceive

Getting pregnant does not come as easily to some couples as it does to others. It can be a touchy subject which is why you should really never say any of these things.

The decision to start trying to have a baby with your partner is a huge one to make. Realizing that you are ready to bring a new life into the world. That's why it can be extremely frustrating when it doesn't happen right away. You're ready but no matter how hard you seem to try, you can't get pregnant.

If you are outside of the couple's bubble looking in, there are certain things some people say that are guaranteed to make things worse. Here are five courtesy of Today's Parent. First up, telling them to relax. When's the last time someone told you to calm down and it actually worked? The same goes for couples who are trying to get pregnant.


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Second on the list is telling a woman who is trying to become a mom that she has plenty of time. Yes, a younger woman is more likely to conceive than an older one, but did you know a woman who has been trying to conceive for a year with no luck is considered to be infertile, regardless of age? Next up, telling childless parents to enjoy their kid-free lives.

This one might well be the most baffling of all. A couple trying to conceive clearly doesn't want a kid-free life anymore, otherwise, why would they be trying to get pregnant? They will also be very aware of the various options they have if it turns out they can't conceive. Which brings us to number four, asking a couple why they don't just adopt. That is another decision entirely, and not one that is right for everyone.

Last but not least is a far less obvious one, and something most of us have probably been guilty of saying. Asking a mom who already has children when she plans on having another. She might have tried and lost a baby in the past, or could even be trying when you ask her. It also suggests that having one child isn't enough. Just be sure to think about what you're saying, especially if you know a couple if having issues conceiving.


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