Woman Delivers Baby On Chicago Bus During Morning Commute

A woman started feeling like she was going into labor and so her and her husband boarded the bus. Her baby couldn't wait and the woman ended up delivering on the bus.


On Wednesday morning, Guadalupe Lara, 33, started feeling contractions. The contractions were not too intense, but she assumed she was in active labor. She told her husband that they needed to start heading toward the hospital, because she was pretty certain that she would be having her baby "today." Guadalupe was very surprised that she was feeling contractions, because she wasn't due for another week. Guadalupe and her husband jumped on the No 7 bus and they started their journey toward Mercy Medical Center where Guadalupe was hoping to deliver.

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The couple thought they would have plenty of time to get to the Medical Center before their daughter would be born, but then Guadalupe knew that there was no chance she was going to make it to the hospital. They got as far as Ashland Avenue and Cermak Road when Guadalupe realized that there was no way she was going to be able to wait any longer. Her husband jumped down, because Guadalupe told him that she would not be able to wait and that the baby was coming "now." He jumped down and proudly caught the new baby. All of the passengers were so surprised and in shock, because they just witnessed a birth on their morning commute. Nobody, including Guadalupe and her husband, were expecting to have a live birth right their on the Chicago bus while everybody was on their way to work.

The bus driver quickly pulled over and he called the ambulance. The ambulance showed up and transported them to the University of Chicago Medical Center’s neonatal ICU where the new little baby will have to spend a little bit of time until she gets to go home with her three older siblings.

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Guadalupe and her husband named their new daughter Samantha Centeno-Lara and she was 7 lbs 7 ounces when she was born. Both mom and baby are healthy and will be able to go home soon. Congratulations on your new little daughter. What an amazing story that they will get to tell their daughter someday when she gets older.

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