Woman Delivers Baby Less Than 24 Hours After Receiving A Negative Pregnancy Test Result

A woman had no idea that she was pregnant and she had a negative pregnancy test the day her daughter was born.

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Stacey, 25, was visiting a Harry Potty convention in Manchester City Centre when she had started feeling back pain. She was traveling and didn't want to deal with the back pain anymore and so she went into a local hospital. She wasn't feeling well and she wasn't sure what was going on. The hospital thought she was having signs of being pregnant and so they gave her a pregnancy test. The test came back negative. They saw a bump on her stomach that they were concerned about and told her once she got back home to talk to her doctor because she might have a cyst. The doctors then sent her away.

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Stacey went back to her hotel room and was planning on just resting. When she got back to the hotel she was in so much pain and she felt so sick. She went to the bathroom and she could feel a horrible pain as if something was coming out of her. Her baby then fell into the toilet. She quickly grabbed the baby out of the toilet and Stacey laid her down in the sink. The baby was trying to cry, but then stuff came out and she began crying. Stacey's friend immediately called 9-1-1 and told the dispatcher that her friend just had a baby and had no idea she was pregnant.

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The dispatcher explained that they need to make sure that the baby had cried. They also needed to wait for three minutes and then wrap a shoelace tightly around the baby's umbilical cord about six inches away from her stomach. They told her not to cut the umbilical cord and that the paramedics would do that once they arrived. Stacey's friend followed the instructions until a Paramedic named Jon arrived on the scene. Jon cut the cord and checked to make sure that everybody was stable. Stacey was still in complete shock because she had no idea that she was pregnant and the test and already showed up negative. Little baby seems to be stable and doing great. She is healthy and happy. Stacey was rushed to the hospital because Jon suspected that she might have a life-threatening blood clot.

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Congratulations Stacey on the new bundle of joy! What a crazy surprise! We hope that Stacey is able to recover nicely and that she doesn't have any other medical surprises!

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