Woman Delivers Baby After Weight Loss Surgery Without Knowing She Was Pregnant

A Florida woman who underwent weight-loss surgery unexpectedly gave birth during her recovery (without knowing she was pregnant!).

Daria Yackwack, of Tampa, Florida, had a gastric sleeve surgery last year. The procedure removed half her stomach, and though it’s perfectly safe to become pregnant after weight loss surgery, it’s important to wait at least 18 months post-op.

Daria had struggled with her weight for years due to her ongoing struggle with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS can make pregnancy difficult, and Daria herself admits doctors warned she would likely have fertility problems in the future. "Back when I first got diagnosed, (doctors) were like 'it’s going to be really hard to get pregnant,'" she said, ABC News reports.

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So, imagine Daria’s surprise when she went to the hospital with intense pains a year after her surgery only to discover she was pregnant! “I woke up with a very bad back pain,” she explained. “I was crying and like screaming and I woke up my other half and I was like 'my back really hurts. I’m not sure what’s really going on."

Initially, Daria believed a cyst may have ruptured due to her PCOS, which can be an unfortunate yet common side effect. But when doctors examined her stomach, they discovered the young woman was actually 35 weeks pregnant. [Doctors] came and did a fourth ultrasound and they went up like in my ribcage and they’re like, 'oh yeah. There’s a baby in there,” the new mom explained. ‘It’s a big baby. You’re going to give birth.’”

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Daria didn’t have much time to let the shocking news sink in. The pain she had been experiencing were contractions from labour. Nine hours after arriving at the hospital, her daughter, Aurora Lynn, was born. The little girl arrived completely healthy despite the ordeal. “I am so happy to be a momma. She is a great little baby girl," Daria said of her unexpected arrival.

There are rarely any serious complications that arise during pregnancy as a result of weight loss surgery. With proper medical attention, mom and baby should be A-Okay. According to Mayo Clinic, mom’s rapid weight loss may deprive the baby of important nutrients, which can result in low birth weight. Healthcare providers can properly monitor this and may suggest a fetal ultrasound during the third trimester. They may also recommend the mom take certain nutritional supplements like folic acid, vitamin B-12, and vitamin D.

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