Woman Delivers Baby In Hospital Parking Lot

A man rushed his wife to the hospital when she was in labor, but they didn't quite make it and had to deliver in the hospital parking lot.

Genet Sebani was nine months pregnant when she felt like she was going into labor. She started having contractions and so she called her husband while he was at work. Her husband, Derejaw Tessema, rushed home to be able to take his pregnant wife to the hospital. Tessema picked up Sebani and had her jump in the back seat of his SUV. The moment that she was put into the car her water broke. Tessema admitted that he was speeding and that he was rushing through red lights. Sebani knew that her baby was going to be coming at any moment.

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Tessema finally arrived at Howard County General Hospital and stopped in the parking lot. He jumped out of his car and ran into the hospital doors and screamed at all of the nursing staff that his wife was having a baby out in the parking lot and he needed help right away. A doctor and the nursing staff were able to get out into the parking lot almost immediately.

The staff at the hospital complete a lot of drills and simulations about what to do if a woman is about to deliver and has yet to make it to the delivery room. Dr. Nia Jewell Leak, a medical director of labor and delivery, was right there when Tessema ran into the hospital screaming. Dr. Leak was able to get out to Sebani in seconds. Shortly after the rest of the team ascended from the hospital and began helping the mom. The hospital staff was able to help the mom deliver their baby (whom they named Baroch!).

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Baroch is the couples' fifth child. Sebani usually has quick labors, but none of her children have ever come that quickly. They are so grateful that they were able to make it to the hospital so that the staff was able to get there and help them. Luckily, little Baroch was perfectly healthy and mom did great too! After a couple of days in the hospital, they were both able to leave to go home.

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