One Woman Says Divorce Made Her A Better Parent

A woman shares that she is a much better parent as a single mother than she was when she was married to her ex-husband.

One mother realized that she was a much better mother after her divorce and her children were so much happier. The woman shared that she came to the conclusion when she could hear her kids playing happily. She went to look at them as they were playing with Lego creations and Barbies. They were happy and they had huge smiles on their faces. She could tell they were so much happier without the constant tension and arguing that used to dominate their home. She knew that they were happier without her ex-husband in the picture.

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She shares that she and her ex used to argue about a lot of different things. One of the biggest fights was always about finances. They would argue about money management and how they would spend their finances each month. It was a constant battle and something they were always having to work through. As a single mother, she manages her own finances and she knows exactly where all of the money goes to and what she can afford. She says that she is able to budget so much better.


The mother also shares the little things around the house she can do without fighting with her ex about the "right" way to do things. She said that she gets to clean the house how she sees fit without being told that she isn't doing something right, or that something isn't clean enough. She never has to get upset with him for not doing something, or not contributing to the household chores. Her husband really wanted the house spotless all the time, like he wanted to see the grout be white! As a single mother she can choose what is important, so if she doesn't want to clean the coffee table of its clutter than she doesn't have to and there is nobody there to make her feel guilty for not doing it!

She explains that her ex also loved to play video games and listen to loud noises. She said there was constant noise in the background of violent video games such as Call of Duty and he never understood why the children would want to read books instead of watch television. He would have the t.v on all day and get upset when she would tell him to turn it down or to turn it off. There was just always so much noise and it was a very stressful environment.

The mother shares that her favorite thing about being a single mother is she gets to be spontaneous without having to check with her spouse if she could do something. She always felt like she had to get permission to go and do something fun. Now, she gets to take her kids to the lake to swim, go to a concert, run to the park, stay up late, or even take day trips! Their life is filled with so many more adventures and they are enjoying more time with her than they ever have before. She said that separating from her spouse was one of her best decisions for her and her children.

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