This Woman Faked Her Pregnancy And Deceived An Adoptive Couple

A woman faked her entire pregnancy and she doesn't have a reason for why she lied to the family for nine months.

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Laura and Matt Trayte already had one beautiful baby boy that they had to have through invitro fertilization. They named their IVF son Hudson and he is now six years old. They came across a 34 year old woman by the name of Elizabeth Jones. Elizabeth was pregnant with a little baby and she told the Trayte family that she planned on giving up her baby for adoption. The Trayte family wanted to adopt Jones' baby.

In November 2018, Jones text Laura and told her that she was going to be giving birth. Laura and Matt grabbed Hudson and they jumped on a plane from Orange County, California to the hospital in Kingsport, Tennessee where Jones said she would be giving birth. Jones told the family that she went into labor and an ambulance had to take her to the hospital. She text Laura, "there is just so much blood." She told Laura that she was in the hospital. The experience started getting really weird when the Trayte family asked the labor and delivery nurse if they could see Elizabeth Jones. The nurse told the family there was no such person as Elizabeth Jones. The only Elizabeth Jones was in the ER for back pain.

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Laura, Matt and Hudson all walked down to the Emergency Room and they pulled back the curtain to where Elizabeth Jones was supposed to be and there she was fully clothed. They saw Jones sitting in the hospital room with no blood and no baby. The Trayte family realized that there never had been a baby. They were in complete shock. Little Hudson was still wearing his, "Best Big Brother" t-shirt when they figured out that the entire pregnancy was a complete lie.

Nobody knows why Jones's decided to lie to this wonderful family. She has no answer for them. When asked in an interview why she would deceive a family she said, "that's a million dollar question." Even Jones isn't quite sure her motive. Jones was arrested on nine counts of felony larceny for allegedly obtaining gifts and other perks from the Trayte family under false pretenses, according to court records. The Trayte family had taken her out to dinner on multiple occasions, the family had sent Jones many gifts and they even paid for a very expensive photo shoot with Jones and the non-existent baby.

VIA The Mercury News

Jones not only has no answers for her actions, she also has no remorse. She does not believe that she should be considered a criminal. She has no idea why she would be charged for anything. Jones said in an interview, "people get emotionally hurt every day. How is that a crime?” The Trayte family went through one of the hardest experiences of their life and they felt psychologically attacked. However, there are not any laws against women faking pregnancies, so the courts had to be very creative with charges. We will never know why this woman would put this family through so much tribulation and we hope that this family can get a baby to add to their family. Our hearts go out to the Trayte family.

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