Woman Fighting Cancer Delivers Two Healthy Babies

One mom recently delivered two healthy, beautiful baby girls while fighting cancer during pregnancy.

A year ago, Meghan Bradley was pregnant with her twin girls and had just been diagnosed with cancer. Meghan and her husband found out that she was pregnant on labor day. They were completely thrilled and were very excited about the new baby. A day later she went into the doctor to find out that she was actually going to be having twins. It was such an amazing surprise and her life was perfect. Meghan and her husband had an older child named Hunter who was three years old. They would soon have three children 3 and under. It would be crazy, but they were excited. Since Meghan was a high-risk pregnancy due to her pregnancy with twins she got genetic testing done. She received a phone call late in the evening that changed her life.

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Meghan was given good news and bad news from her lab results. She was told that she was going to be having two very healthy little girls. However, Meghan showed that she had abnormal chromosomes. Meghan was later diagnosed with lymphoma. Meghan never took the time to feel sorry for herself. She immediately started asking what she needed to do to be able to fight cancer and still have the two healthy girls.

Dr. Ellie Ragsdale, Meghan's OBGYN, was very concerned about her patient. Being diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy is very rare and there isn't much research regarding the situation. Ragsdale said that Meghan was certainly a high-risk patient. Not only was she going to be having identical twins, but she was also a little bit older mother. Ragsdale said that there were a few very tough conversations that she had to have with Meghan. Dr. Ragsdale had suggested undergoing chemotherapy to Meghan. Meghan elected to do chemo. Meghan really struggled. Not only was she pregnant with twins, but she was also very tired and sick from the chemotherapy. Meghan said that she felt bad for her husband because he had to do everything. She said that she just had to sit on the couch while he took care of their son and all of the housework.

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When Meghan was 35 weeks pregnant she delivered her two healthy daughters Piper and Willow. They were certainly miracle babies. However, the chemotherapy during the pregnancy did not get rid of all of the cancer. Meghan underwent a stem cell transplant and she is currently in the recovery stage. We at Baby Gaga hope the best for Meghan and her two beautiful girls. Our Christmas wish is that Meghan gets to kick cancer's butt and enjoy a cancer-free Christmas with her baby girls.

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