Woman Flees Hurricane Florence And Delivers Healthy Baby

A woman quickly evacuated North Carolina during Hurricane Florence and was able to give birth to a healthy little baby.

Hurricane Florence was on its way to hit North Carolina as Rachel English was expected to give birth to her little girl at any moment. English, from New Bern, North Carolina, was planning on giving birth at home. However, Hurricane Florence changed up their plans. Once English and her husband got the news of the impending hurricane, they decided that they had to vacate their home as quickly as possible and head to a hospital in a safe place.

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English and her husband drove 8 hours to Pennsylvania, where they arrived at a local hospital. Not long after they arrived at the hospital in Pennsylvania, English started having contractions and her daughter Matilda Jean was born soon after.


“It was really scary knowing that we were expecting a baby…really any minute and potentially unable to get to the hospital or left without electricity for days and days with a newborn”, English said. She continued, "definitely a story to tell her when she grows up. We were trying to think with the nurses if there was a fun hurricane nickname we could give her. We haven’t come up with one yet." English was especially excited to be able to deliver her daughter at the same hospital that she was born in 29 years ago.

Those last few weeks and days of pregnancy are very stressful.  We can't even imagine being 9 months pregnant while a storm threatens your home. We are really glad that they were able to get out of the storm and have a beautiful and healthy little baby girl. According to English's neighbors, her home is fine, but other families in New Bern were not as lucky to be able to say that. Over 4,000 homes in New Bern were destroyed and flooding was extensive. They have not yet been able to return home due to the storm. Hopefully, they will be able to return home soon and get back to normal life with their new little girl.

Congratulations to this new family! We wish them the best of luck for the future and are sending all of our love to anyone and everyone impacted by Hurricane Florence.


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