Woman Gives Birth At 90MPH On Highway After Dog And Floods Disrupt Birth Plan

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A woman gave birth on the M6 while being driven at 90mph after a loose dog and flooding disrupted her birth plan.

Hannah Rowlinson had arranged to have her baby calmly in a birthing pool in the comfort of her home - but after having contractions for 48 hours and expecting a midwife imminently, she received a call saying she would need to come into Leighton Hospital in Cheshire.

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According to Metro, the unfortunate 32-year-old was then told there were no beds available there or at Macclesfield and they had to go to Royal Stoke - a 45-minute drive from their Holmes Chapel home. However, once in the car with husband Joel, his phone died and they ran into traffic caused by floods.

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"I had been having contractions for so long I hadn't looked outside for days. But when we got going in the car I saw that the weather was horrendous, there were floods everywhere," she said. "As soon as we were out of the house we hit heavy traffic. Apparently there was a dog loose on the M6 as well as the flooding.

Feeling that she was going to give birth to this baby imminently, she urged her husband to take another route. The diverted their course onto bumpy back lanes with pools of water everywhere, heading towards Sandbach. Hannah's mother, who was accompanying them, called 999 after they pulled into a residential estate - where the operator helped them prepare the birth process - but she then managed to flag down a police officer to help.

Eventually an ambulance arrived and paramedics helped her walk barefoot to the stretcher - but just seven minutes into the journey the baby's head was crowning. Hannah explained: "We were going at 90mph down the motorway and I asked the paramedics to pull over because the baby was coming. The roads were bedlam because of the floods - I didn't even know where I was. There was a coned off area and he pulled in. I did one more push and she was out."

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Hannah admitted that not once did she ever doubt that it was going to be okay. While it was not the birth she was expecting, she cannot stop gushing over how incredible everyone had been in handling the situation, especially Garry and Dave, the two paramedics who helped her deliver her little bundle of joy.

"There are things in your life that will stick with you forever and this is definitely one of them. I don't have words to describe how grateful I am. I will never forget those two paramedics. Sometimes things don't go to plan, but who needs a plan when you have Garry and Dave?"

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