UK Woman Gives Birth To Her Brother's And His Partner's Baby

A woman in the UK recently acted as a surrogate for her brother and his partner and has given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Most of us likely take the ability to have children for granted. We reach an age where the thought of having kids of our own starts to creep in. It isn't until the day arrives for you to start trying that you might endure the heartbreak that is not being able to have children. At that juncture, many people choose to turn to alternatives.

Those alternatives include adoption and surrogacy among others, and for same-sex couples, those "alternatives" are their only options. What is then not anticipated by those who don't have to jump through those hoops is exactly how problematic they can be. The adoption process can take years, and finding someone to carry your baby for you is extremely difficult.

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Chapelle Cooper saw that for herself when her brother Scott Stephenson and his partner Michael Smith ventured down those channels. So much so that she decided to step in and help out in a way that not many siblings would be willing to do. Chapelle offered to act as a surrogate for her brother and brother-in-law, reports The Mail.

via The Mail

The baby was created using Chapelle's egg and Michael's sperm, rather than her brother's for obvious, very messy reasons. Despite describing themselves as "control freaks," the new parents explained that they set out some ground rules on day one. Nine months later, Chapelle gave birth to a baby girl, Harper Elizabeth Smith. Michael and Scott are "absolutely in love" with their new daughter, and the three of them live together in Blackpool, UK.

Many parents are likely reading this and thinking the situation will make for some awkward conversations later in life. Harper's new parents have been very open about how they plan to tackle those conversations. They revealed that they will never lie to their daughter about how she came into the world. However, Chapelle will always be her aunty rather than her mom. Chapelle also admitted that she doesn't think she could have been a surrogate if it meant she would never get to see the baby again.

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