Woman Gives Birth In Her Brother's Taxi

A pregnant woman in Canada gave birth in a highly unusual place - her brother's taxi cab.

Zeinab and Muneer Mahdi were very excited for the birth of their baby, as was the mother's brother, cab drive Hussein Jassem. Zeinab was close to her due date but had no idea that her labor was going to come on so hard, and so fast.

Jessem, her brother, was working a shift for Hamilton Cab and had just began to respond to a call from a customer. His cell phone rang - it was his sister, Zeinab. She told him that the baby was coming and asked if he could come get her.

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The cabbie called his dispatcher and told them he had received an emergency call, and sped to pick up his sister. Zeinab sat in the front seat while her husband, Muneer, climbed into the back.

The taxi was headed for McMaster Hospital in Hamilton when the expecting mother called out, "Oh the head. The head," whilst crying. She pushed only three times before the baby, a little boy, came into the world.

Only four minutes into their drive towards to the hospital, Zeinab gave birth to her infant in the front seat of her brother's taxi. Hussein, who had pulled over into a parking lot, was busy dialing 911. Ambulances and police arrived on the scene to find the happy parents and uncle waiting patiently for them.


The baby, who is named Mujataba, was born happy and healthy. He came into the world weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces. He is the fourth son for the couple.

Jactar Singh Chanhal who is the CEO of the cab company that Hussein drives for, was very excited about the news of a baby being born one of his taxis.

“We can say now, ‘We deliver,’ ” he told The Spectator. “We do many other deliveries, but now we can say babies, too. This is the first time Hamilton Cab has ever had a baby delivered in one of our taxis".

This is not the first time that a baby has been born in a cab - in 2017 a New York City taxi driver experienced the same occurrence. During morning rush hour traffic, Chantal McKenna gave birth to her son, Joseph McKenna in the backseat of a cab.

Via CBC.CA/Chantal McKenna

Taxi drivers beware: babies will come at any time of day, any time of night, at any location. Your cab may be next.


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